Diablo 4 The Yshari Quest Walkthrough (Season 3)

You have previously entered the Unearthed Vault where you have made your way past constructs that protect the area.

After further exploration within the vault, you have made it to The Doorways to Nowhere, which must now be explored.

Beyond this door lies the explanation of what is deeper within the vault and the root of the possessions happening to the people.

Season 3 The Yshari D4

 The Yshari Objectives:

  • Enter the Doorways to Nowhere
  • Slay Enemies
  • Follow the Voice
  • Defeat the Possessed Sorcerer

The Yshari Quest WalkthroughEntering the Doorways to Nowhere

The quest begins where A Suppurated Wound left off, which is you having to go inside the portal called the Doorways to Nowhere.

Continue making your way through the area and you will encounter more of the constructs, which you will need to fight your way through.

There will be several flights of stairs that you need to go down and at the end will be a large room where a voice begins to speak to you.

Slaying Enemies

This demonic voice begins to taunt you and inside the room, you will be facing multiple demons as well as Shattering Echo Terrors.

Now that you are stuck in this darkened room with a lot of enemies, the only way for you to progress will be to slay all of them.

After all of the demons in the room have been defeated, you will need to continue making your way along the path by going through the nearby door.

Defeating the Possessed Sorcerer

At the end of the area, there will be a sorcerer named Ayuzhan, who is possessed by the voice that is calling out to you.

You will need to defeat Ayuzhan, a Possessed Sorcerer by defeating the enemies that he spawns, which will cause his health to be reduced.

This is similar to a fight with a boss you encounter in the main story, where you similarly fight Vhenard and after defeating him, the quest will be complete.

The Yshari Quest Rewards

After defeating Ayuzhan, the Possessed Sorcerer, the quest will be complete and a new one called The Ennead will begin.

Completing The Yshari will reward you with the following:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • Murmuring Cache


It appears that the voice you have been hearing belongs to a demon named Malphas, who seems to have possessed Ayuzhan.

This shows that the demon is capable of possessing multiple victims and now it looks like there is a bigger plot that will unfold.

Defeating Ayuzhan has freed him momentarily from Malphas’ grasp and now you will need to check on him to find out what is going on.

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