Diablo 4 The Ennead Quest Walkthrough (Season 3)

The journey into the Unearthed Vault had led you into a dangerous dungeon filled with hostile constructs and at the end of a path was a possessed sorcerer.

Now that the sorcerer has been freed from Malphas, he seems to have regained control and should be spoken with to find out what he knows.

Ayuzhan is still alive but it is unsure how long you have before Malphas attempts to retake control, which makes it important to find out what is to come.

Season 3 The Ennead D4

The Ennead Objectives:

  • Speak with Ayuzhan
  • Place Inert Construct
  • Wait for Ayuzhan
  • Speak with Ayuzhan
  • Find the Library
  • Speak with Ayuzhan
  • Enter the Library
  • Follow Ayuzhan
  • Speak with Ayuzhan
  • Operate the Disabling Switch
  • Speak with Ayuzhan
  • Find Zoltun’s Study
  • Search for Evidence
  • Speak with Ayuzhan
  • Slay the Constructs

The Ennead Quest WalkthroughSpeaking with Ayuzhan

Ayuzhan seems to have just woken up from being controlled for a long time and will need a moment but first, you will need to speak with him to get things going.

While speaking to Ayuzhan, he will notice the Inert Construct that you previously found and will instruct you to place it on the ground. (Interact with the marked area on the ground to do this)

This will cause The Seneschal Construct’s info to appear as Ayuzhan has now fixed it and this companion will now be with you throughout the season.

Entering the Library

With both Ayuzhan and your companion construct following, you will need to make your way to the Library, which will be marked on your map.

Ayuzhan will lead you to the door and you will need to speak with him before he opens the door leading to The Library.

Go inside of The Library and head to the quest marker and you will find Ayuzhan electrocuting what appears to be a mechanism within The Library.

Operating the Disabling Switch

Ayuzhand needs to stay behind as he has gotten older than he previously remembers and this leaves it up to you to cross a long hall with traps.

You will need to run across and hide between the gaps when the traps trigger, which continuously burn you if you don’t get out of the way.

Once you reach the end, interact with the Disabling Switch at the end to turn off the traps for Ayuzhan to safely catch up to you.

Searching for Evidence

Continue traveling with Ayuzhand as you go south while fighting your way past enemy constructs until you reach Zoltun’s Study.

Once you reach Zoltun’s study, you and Ayuzhand will need to figure out what has happened to Zoltun by searching for evidence. (There are 3 in the room, the last one is a sealed letter from Zoltun)

Speak with Ayuzhand after reading the letter and he will remember what has happened but he will suddenly become possessed again.

Slaying the Constructs

Malphas has once again taken control of Ayuzhand and enemies will have spawned in Zoltun’s Study, which you must now defeat.

After you have slain all the enemies, Ayuzhan will be back to normal again and he begins to remember what has happened.

You and Ayuzhand are now to leave Zoltun’s Study through the exit and once outside, the quest will be complete.

The Ennead Quest Rewards

Once you and Ayuzhan leave Zoltun’s Study, the quest will be complete and you will begin a new one called A Body Stolen, A Body Made.

Completing The Ennead will reward you with the following:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • Murmuring Cache


Ayuzhan expected to get answers from Zoltun Kulle but the hints showed something more upsetting as it seemed that he was possessed way longer than he thought.

This is hinted at by him seeing himself in a mirror saying that he had gotten old and that all of the time he possessed was Malphas using him to repair the Loom.

Ayuzhan refuses to be used by Malphas and has told you to meet him back at the gatehall as he goes ahead of you.

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