How to Create a Seasonal Character in Diablo 4 (Season 1)

Diablo 4 Season of the Malignant is now live and players are rushing to see what Blizzard has brought us but this time, things are a little bit different.

It turns out that you need to start from scratch with a new character, which explains why all the other characters were labeled as Eternal upon its release.

There are now two realms, the Eternal Realm for regular characters and the Seasonal Realm for those who will play during a certain season.

Selecting hero realm in Diablo 4

What is a Seasonal Character?

A seasonal character is a character that you make to start over during a season in Diablo 4, bringing you to level one to experience a fresh start.

Seasonal Characters will have access to all the features brought on by the season, which first requires that you complete the campaign before accessing them.

On the bright side, if you have already completed the campaign previously with any other character, you can still skip the campaign with the seasonal character.

How To Create Seasonal Characters?

To create a seasonal character, you will need to select Create New Character once you are at the character screen.

Once you have customized your character and have reached the Finalize section, you will be able to start the game, which first lets you choose a hero realm. (You can also choose to skip the campaign)

Select Seasonal Realm to make your character a seasonal one and once you jump into the game, there you have it, a seasonal character for the season.

Seasonal Character Progress

Seasonal Characters can progress just like Eternal Characters, but they will have access to the current season as Eternal Characters won’t have this.

At the end of the season, any Seasonal Characters you have will become Eternal Characters and any new seasons will require you to create a new one.

This balances things for players to make everyone enjoy a fresh start for each season as well as experience new features.


While it may be tiring to create a new character for each season, this doesn’t force you to replay the whole campaign all over again.

You can always opt to skip the campaign and go straight to experience the new season if you have already completed it with another character.

Each season will have something new for players to experience, such as a story, quests, equipment, and even aspects that they can enjoy.

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