Altar of Lilith Scosglen Locations Map in Diablo 4

All Altar of Lilith Scosglen Locations

Scosglen is said to be the land of druids which is now a deadly wasteland after most of them have been wiped out from the area.

Within this vast collection of lands, you can find 34 Altars of Lilith scattered in various regions that can be interacted with to provide you with bonuses.

While Scosglen is only one of the large locations you can find, there are multiple regions and towns within them that you can tread to find the Altars of Lilith nearby.

All 34 Scosglen Altar of Lilith Locations

1) Hope’s Light Altar of Lilith Location

Hope’s Light location

You can find the Altar of Lilith location in Hope’s Light by heading right after crossing a bridge to traverse past the side of a ship.

2) Northshore Altar of Lilith Locations

Northshore locations

There are 4 Altars of Lilith locations in Northshore, which is where you will find 2 and 3 near the shore to the northeast.

Altar of Lilith 4 can be found near the Calibel’s Mine dungeon while the fifth altar can be found just to the south of Marowen.

3) Wailing Hills Altar of Lilith Locations

Wailing Hills locations

In the wailing hills, you can find the 6th altar to the north of the area while the 7th can be found to the east of the Penitent Cairn’s Dungeon.

Altar 8 can be found in a small gap near the Raethwind Wilds dungeon, which is almost impossible for you to miss when you pass by.

4) Strand Altar of Lilith Locations

Strand locations

You can find Altar 9 by heading north from Corbach while Altar 10 is found to the very east near the border when you head north into Faibre. (Climb up)

Altar 11 can be found between the Domhainne Tunnels dungeon and the Luban’s Rest dungeon, which are close to Corbach as well, making it the best point.

5) Moordaine Lodge Altar of Lilith Location

Moordaine Lodge location

The Moordaine Lodge initially requires that you complete a stronghold to gain access to the dungeons inside of it but there is also an altar here.

You can find Altar 12 by heading north once you enter the Moordaine Lodge coming from its left side and will find it near the Twisted Hollow dungeon.

6) The Shrouded Moors Altar of Lilith Locations

The Shrouded Moors locations

Starting from Tirmair, you can find the 13th altar by heading northwest before you proceed to go to the other Altars of Lilith.

Altar 14 and 15 are close to each other and can be found by heading east from Tirmair, where you will find 14 in The Blood Vale and 15 in the Dauder Peats.

7) Tur Dulra Altar of Lilith Location

Tur Dulra location

Our 16th Altar of Lilith is in Tur Dulra, which will initially be a stronghold that you will need to conquer if you wish to access certain parts of it.

You reach Altar 16 by jumping over a gap which can be found northeast of the Tur Dulra waypoint and it will be hidden at the end.

8) Deep Forest Altar of Lilith Locations

Deep Forest locations

The Deep Forest does not have any nearby waypoint except for the one in Tur Dulra, which makes it best to have this sometime later when you decide to go searching for the Altars of Lilith.

You can reach Altar 17 by heading north after leaving Tur Dulra from the east and may find Altar 18 by continuing to the south afterward.

Altar 19 is at the very southwest of Tur Dulra and can be reached by going around a curve that forms a hook almost out of the Deep Forest’s border.

9) Westering Lowlands Altar of Lilith Locations

Westering Lowlands locations

Altars 20, 21, and 22 can all be found in the Westering Lowlands, which is best accessed by teleporting to the Firebreak Manor Waypoint.

If the Firebreak Manor Waypoint is unavailable, you can head southwest from Cerrigar and head to each of the altars one by one.

10) Cerrigar Altar of Lilith Locations

Cerrigar locations

Altar of Lilith 23,24 and 25 can all be found in the Cerrigar region, with 23 and 24 being close to each other to the west of Cirrigar.

The 25th Altar of Lilith can be found to the south of Cerrigar tucked at the back of a small opening covered in trees found south of the path leading to The Downs.

11) The Downs Altar of Lilith Locations

The Downs locations

You can find 3 Altars of Lilith in the downs and the fastest way to reach them is to begin at Cerrigar or Under the Fat Goose Inn.

Altar 26 can be found tucked away to the northwest of Sarat’s Lair while Altar 27 can be found south in the middle of the downs.

To reach Altar 28, you can head near the Oldstones dungeon around the east of The Downs and go around to find it in an opening.

13) Highland Wilds Altar of Lilith Locations

Highland Wilds locations

Several Altars of Lilith can be found in the Highland Wilds but all of these are easy to spot once you reach their areas.

The best place for you to start is Under the Fat Goose Inn, where you can reach each one of them by traveling to each of the marked locations.

Scosglen Altar of Lilith Rewards

Collecting all the Scosglen Altars of Lilith will contribute to the Altar of Lilith Collector challenge, which is completed when all altars in every region are claimed.

Additionally, once you have claimed all the altars in Scosglen, you will accumulate the following bonuses:

  • 14 Intelligence
  • 20 Strength
  • 16 Willpower
  • 18 Dexterity
  • 340 Scosglen Renown


Scosglen is considered to be one a large Altar of Lilith map since it has 34 in total, which ties it with Hawezar for having the same amount.

Collecting all of the Altars of Lilith in Scosglen early on is a good way of providing your characters with several bonuses, especially when you gain a lot of renown.

Since you reach Scosglen earlier in the game, it is a good idea to key your eyes open for the altars to get a good boost in stats for every character that you have. (Including new ones)

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