Diablo 4 The World He Knew Quest Walkthrough (Season 3)

You recently returned from the Vault of Stone, where you retrieved Ayuzhan’s Runecarving Tools and successfully brought them back.

Since Ayuzhan is not that experienced with demon magic, he has sent you out to do research by visiting the library in Caldeum.

Before you make your way to the library though, you will need to have progressed a bit with your level and a quick update is in store for your mechanical buddy, the Seneschal Companion.

Season 3 The World He Knew D4

The World He Knew Objectives:

  • Reach Level 20 to Unlock the Jeweler
  • Craft an Uncertain Seneschal Stone Cache from the Cofferer (Jeweler)
  • Find Vizjerei writings in the Caldeum library
  • Research the Vizjerei Rituals
  • Attune to the Inert Runestone to Terror
  • Receive the Blessing of Diablo
  • Find the Vizjerei outpost
  • Seal the Hell-Blessed Runestone using the Vizjerei Altar

The World He Knew Quest WalkthroughUnlocking the jeweler by reaching level 20

To continue with The World He Knew, you will need to be at least level 20, which unlocks the ability to interact with a Jeweler.

You will then need to head to The Cofferer (Jeweler) and craft a Seneschal Stone Cache, which requires Shattered Stone and Iron Chunk.

Once that is done, go ahead and fast travel to the Imperial Library in Caldeum (Kehjistan), where you will do a bit of reading.

Researching the Vizjerei Rituals

Upon reaching the Imperial Library, you will need to interact with 2 entries nearby that will be marked on your map and afterwards a third entry will appear.

Make your way to the third entry and interact with it to continue, which later reveals that Malphas is a servant of Al’Diabolos, the Lord of Terror. (This means he can bind the demon with the name)

Your next step will be to go to Gea Kul and head out into the Southern Expanse where a marker is shown on your map. (Go there and interact with the pit that says Attune to Terror)

Receiving the Blessing of Diablo

After the Inert Runestone has been attuned to Terror, you will now make your way to the Chambatar Ridge in the Dry Steppes to receive the blessing of Diablo.

You will need to fight your way through enemies and reach the Altar of Terror, which you will now interact with to receive the blessing.

Once you have the blessing, your next destination will be the Vizjerei outpost, which is located in the Amber Sands in Kehjistan. (Area will be marked and it is found in the opening to the west)

Sealing the Hell-Blessed Runestone using the Vizjerei Altar

This will lead you to the Vizjerei Athenaeum, which you must enter to find the Vizjerei Alto that will allow you to seal the Hell-Blessed Runestone.

Make your way inside and you will notice that there are Vengeful Spirits in the athenaeum but they can be ignored.

Interact with the Vizjerei altar to seal the Hell-Blessed Runestone and shortly after this is done, the quest will be complete.

The World He Knew Quest Rewards

Regardless if you kill the enemies in the Vizjerei Athenaeum, interacting with the Vizjerei altar will complete the quest and afterward, a new quest called The Tumor will start.

Completing The World He Knew will reward you with the following:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • Seneschal Stone Case


After you were provided with an Inert Runestone, you sought out to get the blessings of Diablo as this should have a hold over Malphas.

While the journey may have been a bit tough, Ayuzhan’s suggestion to seal the runestone may come in handy for later if you encounter Malphas.

Now that the runestone is ready, it’s time for you to make your way back to the Gatehall and speak to Ayuzhan.

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