Diablo 4 The Tumor Quest Walkthrough (Season 3)

You stand in the Vizjerei Athenaeum with a Hell-Blessed Runestone in hand, which Ayuzhan believes will help in the fight against Malphas.

Now that you have what you need, it’s time to make your way back to the Gatehall and see what Ayuzhan has planned next.

Your next destination will later be Hawezar, where you will need to search for the Vault of Ink as you hunt Malphas down.

Season 3 The Tumor D4

The Tumor Objectives:

  • Return to Ayuzhan in the Gatehall
  • Place the Hell-Blessed Runestone
  • Speak with Ayuzhan
  • Find the Vault of Ink in Hawezar
  • Destroy the Corrupted Conduits
  • Clear the entrance to the Vault of Ink
  • Enter the Vault of Ink
  • Find the Gateway in the Observatory
  • Activate the Gateway
  • Speak with Ayuzhan
  • Venture further into the Vault with Ayuzhan
  • Survive the Amphitheater for 30 Seconds
  • Slay the Hunter
  • Speak with Ayuzhan
  • Venture further into the Vault with Ayuzhan
  • Interact with the Conduit of Terror
  • Wait for Ayuzhan to finish the ritual
  • Defeat the demons
  • Slay the Son of Malphas
  • Speak with Ayuzhan

The Tumor Quest WalkthroughReturning to Ayuzhan in the Gatehall

After invoking a ritual at the Vizjerei Altar, you are now in possession of the Hell-Blessed Runestone and will need to make your way back to the Gatehall.

This can easily be done by teleporting since you have already unlocked the Waypoint during the earlier parts of the season questline.

Upon arriving at the Gatehall, make your way to Ayuzhan and interact with the marked area to place the runestone.

Finding the Vault of Ink in Hawezar

Once the Hell-Blessed Runestone has been placed, Ayuzhan will begin taking a look at it before you can speak with him.

Proceed by speaking to him once the option becomes available and he will instruct you to search for the Vault of Ink in Hawezar.

The Vault of Ink can be found in the Toxic Fens (Hawezar) and you can fast travel to the nearest location to continue riding your mounts to the marked location.

Finding the Gateway in the Observatory

Reaching the marked location will reveal that there are Corrupted Conduits, which you must destroy before you proceed.

This includes killing the remaining enemies after the Corrupted Conduits have been destroyed and afterward, you will be able to enter the vault.

Enter the vault and proceed with fighting your way through the enemies within until you reach the Observatory, where you will need to find a Gateway.

Speaking with Ayuzhan

Once you reach the Gateway, you will need to interact with it so that Ayuzhan will be able to catch up with you in The Observatory.

Speak with Ayuzhan once he arrives and the two of you will need to proceed into The Amphitheater nearby, which requires you to survive for 30 seconds.

Additionally, there will be an enemy called The Hunter, that you will need to defeat before you and Ayuzhan continue making your way deeper into the vault. 

Slaying the Son of Malphas

You and Ayuzhan will reach a room called The Beating Heart, which is where you will need to interact with a Conduit of Terror.

This will cause demons to spawn in the area and you will need to defeat all of them before the Son of Malphas appears, which requires you to defeat him as well.

After the Son of Malphas has been defeated, your next step will be to speak with Ayuzhan and this will complete the quest.

The Tumor Quest Rewards

After defeating the Son of Malphas and speaking to Ayuzhan, The Tumor quest will be complete, leaving you to start with a new quest called The Miracle.

Completing The Tumor will reward you with the following:

  • XP
  • Gold


It seems that Malphas was one step ahead of Ayuzhan and this led to the attempt on Malphas ending up in failure.

Ayuzhan insisted that the two of you escape immediately, bringing the two of you back to Gatehall to begin planning once more.

While Ayuzhan may have failed this time around, he might still have something up his sleeve since there is still time to put a stop to Malphas.

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