Incendiary Aspect (How to Get, Location & Effects): Diablo 4

Sorcerers rely heavily on the use of Mana when they are casting certain Skills, which makes it important that you have other ways to regenerate it aside from waiting.

For those who use a Sorcerer Fire Build, the Incendiary Aspect can provide you with another way to restore your Mana.

This happens whenever you set enemies on fire as there will be a chance for the damage caused to restore Mana by a certain amount.

Incendiary Aspect

Incendiary Aspect Effects (Mana Aspect)

Once you have an item imprinted with the Incendiary Aspect, any Burning Damage that has been dealt with will have a chance to restore 10 Mana to your character.

Burning Damage will only have a certain chance to do this and the chance of Incendiary Aspect increases with each enemy that you set on fire.

Mana will be restored immediately once the Incendiary Aspect takes effect and this may trigger multiple times within a short time.

Incendiary Aspect LocationIncendiary Aspect you can find in the Amber Sands of Kehjistan.

The Incendiary Aspect can be unlocked by completing the Tomb of the Saints Dungeon, which can be found in the Amber Sands of Kehjistan. (Below the Zakarum Temple)

You can find the Tomb of the Saints north of the Iron Wolves Encampment or west of the Altar of Ruin, where a Stronghold can be conquered.

How To Get Incendiary Aspect? (Tomb of the Saints Walkthrough)Killing the Resurrected Malice in Tomb of the Saints

Tomb of the Saints contains a Resurrected Malice boss, who can be faced by making your way to the Chamber of Lost Souls.

  • Activate the Release Switch (2)
  • Open the Saints Door
  • Travel to the Deserted Commune
  • Slay all enemies in the Deserted Commune
  • Travel to the Chamber of Lost Souls
  • Defeat the Resurrected Malice

Upon reaching the Chamber of Lost Souls, you will find the Resurrected Malice, who needs to be defeated to unlock the Incendiary Aspect.


Sorcerers can easily set enemies on fire with the many Fire Skills that they have, which can set them on fire, causing them to take Burning Damage for some time.

With the Incendiary Aspect in play, you can utilize your Fire Skills often, which can result in a lot of your Mana being restored depending on the chance of the Aspect.

The key to triggering the Incendiary Aspect often is to continue setting enemies on fire, which can result in more Mana being regenerated.

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