Veteran Brawler’s Aspect (How to Get, Location & Effects): Diablo 4

Barbarians can make use of their Leap or Charge skills to attack enemies as well as to reposition themselves and with the right Aspect, these can be modified to deal more damage.

This can be done with the Veteran Brawler’s Aspect, which can be used to increase the damage of both skills from a minimum amount of damage that increases to a certain limit.

The Veteran Brawler’s Aspect allows you to increase the damage of Charge or Leap until a certain threshold takes effect when you cast them.

Veteran Brawler’s Aspect

Veteran Brawler’s Aspect Effects (Stealth Aspect)

With the Veteran Brawler’s Aspect imprinted on an item, the damage of your next Charge or Leap Skill will gain increased damage.

The damage begins at a certain percentage and can reach a maximum percentage that stops at a limit based on the quality of the Aspect imprinted.

When the Charge or Leap Skill is cast, it will deal additional damage based on how much has been accumulated from dealing damage with Core Skills.

Veteran Brawler’s Aspect LocationVeteran Brawler’s Aspect you can find it in the Ragged Coastline (Kehjistan)

Completing the Heretics Asylum Dungeon will unlock the Veteran Brawler’s Aspect in your Codex and you can find it in the Ragged Coastline. (Kehjistan)

To get to the Heretic’s Asylum, you can head north from Gea Kul or make your way to the west from the Iron Wolves Encampment.

How To Get Veteran Brawler’s Aspect? (Heretics Asylum Walkthrough)Killing the Knight Council in the Heretics Asylum

Entering the Heretics Asylum will have you traversing through the Overthrown Detention until you reach the Maximum Security area, where the Knight Council awaits you.

  • Collect Animus from Animus Carriers
  • Deposit Animus into the Animus Urn
  • Travel to Intensive Treatment
  • Slay Scar Gundror and collect the Maximum Security Key
  • Use the Maximum Security Key to open the Maximum Security Gate
  • Defeat the Knight Council

You will need to pick up the Maximum Security Key dropped by Gundror after killing him to open the Maximum Security area.

Once you are in the Maximum Security area, you will need to defeat the Knight Council to complete the dungeon.


Using Leap or Charge is common with many Barbarian users as this is a good way for them to jump in or out of battle or charge into a fight or drag a certain enemy away from others.

Since you will be using your Core Skills often, you can increase the amount of damage that Charge or Leap does, preparing it in advance before using them.

The additional damage can be a big help in a fight and can even clear out weaker enemies so you can focus on the tougher ones that remain.

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