How to Reset a Dungeon in Diablo 4

Dungeons are a big part of Diablo 4 and many of these can be found throughout Sanctuary which can provide you with certain rewards.

Completing a dungeon will unlock an aspect but grinding the dungeon afterward is a good way to gain loot and experience.

What some players would like to know is if dungeons can be reset and how this can be done, which is what we are going to explain.

Leaving Dungeon in Diablo 4

What Does Resetting a Dungeon Do?

By resetting a dungeon, you restore it to its initial instance, filling it up with enemies as well as the boss or final objective that needs to be completed.

All enemies will respawn and any loot that has been left behind will disappear, allowing you to complete the dungeon fresh from the start.

This allows you to grind dungeons repeatedly, especially if you have Nightmare Sigils or simply want to rerun the dungeon multiple times.

How to Reset a Dungeon?Resetting Dungeon Option

Once a dungeon has been completed, it will be empty, and you won’t be able to enter it until it has been reset. (These are marked with a green check)

To reset the dungeon, all you need to do is log out to go back to the character select screen and log in with the character again.

You will notice that all dungeons that you have previously completed will no longer have a check and this means they can be completed again.

Why Dungeon is Not Resetting?

If a dungeon does not reset, this is most likely to be because you did not force a logout and instead were kicked from the server.

This usually happens if you are AFK for a long time or if a network problem causes you to become disconnected from the server.

You will need to log in to the character and log out to reset the dungeon, which will happen once you log back in with the character.


While there are multiple dungeons that you can grind, some are best depending on different reasons such as if you want to farm items or grind for experience.

Some dungeons are better than others when it comes to what you are after, such as when you are farming for parts dropped by monsters that you need for crafting.

While almost every dungeon is capable of providing you with loot, some may be easier for you to complete or have more enemies, making them best for grinding.

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