Barbarian Class Quest (Objectives & Rewards): Diablo 4

Barbarian: Masters of Battle is a Class Quest (Priority Quest) for Barbarians that unlocks the ability to gain mastery when using weapons.

This requires you to follow a short series of objectives that ultimately leads to you proving yourself as a Barbarian and being accepted into the Oxen Tribe.

By being able to prove yourself worthy, you will be accepted into the tribe and will become a stronger and more adept warrior.

Barbarian: Masters of Battle Class Quest Diablo 4

How To Get Barbarian Masters of Battle Class Quest?

Barbarian: Masters of Battle Class Quest becomes available once you reach level 15 and onwards with a Barbarian character.

You will need to head over to Ked Bardu and speak with the Forgemaster Gerti, who will provide you with further instructions.

Barbarian Masters of Battle Class ObjectivesSpeaking with Katra

1) Speak with Forgemaster Gerti in Ked Bardu

Once you reach level 15, head to Ked Bardu and speak to Gerti and she will give you instructions on what needs to be done after speaking about Barbarian tribes.

2) Find Katra

Gerti has instructed you to find Katra so that you can prove yourself worthy and this can be done by heading north from Ked Bardu. (Check map for location)

3) Travel to the hunting ground

Once you have spoken to Katra, you will need to make your way to the hunting ground, which will be marked on your map.

4) Slay bandits and wildlife

Upon reaching the hunting ground, you will need to slay 30 bandits and 20 wildlife creatures, which can be found within the area.

The location of the targets you need to slay will be shown on your map with red dots to make it easier to hunt them down.

5) Go to the cave entrance

After slaying enough enemies, Katra will instruct you to head to a nearby cave where your final test awaits. (location shown on your map)

6) Speak with Katra

Once you reach the cave, Katra will be waiting and you will need to speak with her to learn about the final test that she has for you.

She will explain that there is a terrible beast inside the cave and your final test is to bring her its head as an offer to the ancestors of the Oxen Tribe.

Defeating Beast of the Steppes

7) Enter the Charnel Cave

After speaking with Katra, you will need to head into the Charnel Cave, which is where you will find a creature called the Beast of the Steppes.

8) Defeat Beast of the Steppes

You will have to slay the Beast of the Steppes and once this is done, an item called the Head of the Beast will be dropped in its place.

9) Take the Head of the Beast

After the Head of the Beast has dropped, you will need to pick it up before bringing it back to Katra to prove your worth.

10) Speak with Katra

Katra will be near the entrance of the cave and you will need to speak with her to hand her the Head of the Beast.

11) Return to the Forgemaster

Now that you have proven yourself, it is time for you to head back to Ked Bardu to speak with the Forgemaster Gerti once again, which later completes the quest.

Barbarian Class Quest Rewards

Returning to Gerti after speaking with Katra will complete the Barbarian Masters of Battle Class Quest, which rewards you with the following:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • Bone Helm of the Beast (Rare Helm)

In addition, the Weapon Technique Class Feature will be unlocked, which allows you to access the Weapon Expertise section.

This is where you can monitor your mastery with each of the weapons and you may even equip a Technique from any type of weapon to gain its effects.


During the attack that led to the fall of Mount Arreat, your ancestors were scattered, leaving you without a tribe as you ventured through Sanctuary.

Because you have now proven your worth and have now been accepted into the Oxen Tribe, you have now become more formidable.

This has given you the ability to make use of the Weapon Expertise features that are improved by continuously using certain weapons.

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