Diablo 4 Braega’s Chronicles Quest Walkthrough

While out fighting monsters in Scosglen, you have come across a book called A History of Scosglen, which seems to have been written by Braega.

Braega is Donan’s wife and this collection of lost works belongs to Firebreak Manor and should be returned to its rightful place.

You will need to take the History of Scosglen back to Firebreak Manor and give it to someone who can put it where it belongs.

Braega's Chronicles (Side Quest) Diablo 4

How To Get Braega’s Chronicles Quest?A History of Scosglen item

Breaga’s Chronicles begins once you have picked up the item called A History of Scosglen, which can drop from enemies in Scosglen.

For us, we obtained A History of Scosglen by defeating an enemy called Baaral Icelust (Elite) that was encountered during a rites of Ascension event in the Highland Wilds.

Braega’s Chronicles ObjectivesReturn the History of Scosglen written works to Wilfred

Return the History of Scosglen written works to Wilfred at Firebreak Manor

After picking up A History of Scosglen, the side quest will begin and you will need to make your way to Firebreak Manor.

You will most likely have already been to Firebreak Manor and can simply use a Waypoint to get back to the manor or follow the marker.

Once you arrive at Firebreak Manor, your next step is to speak with Wilfred who will thank you for returning A History of Scosglen, which ends the side quest.

Breaga’s Chronicles Quest Rewards

Once you have returned A History of Scosglen has been returned to Wilfred, the side quest will be complete and you will receive the following:

  • XP
  • Gold
  • 20 Scosglen Renown
  • Salvage Cache


Earlier in the game, Firebreak Manor was attacked by demons, which led to a lot of people being killed as well as items being stolen.

A History of Scosglen was a work of Braega’s and she was considered to be quite the scholar, making her work extremely valuable.

While many items have been stolen, returning A History of Scosglen is a good step to completing a collection that belongs in Firebreak Manor.

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