Dead Island 2 Clickbait Quest Walkthrough

On your way back from the Halperin Hotel, you take a detour going through the Goat Pen and hear a loud explosion and the sounds of someone having fun.

Upon investigating the racket, you meet a vlogger named Amanda Styles who is shooting a video about killing zombies for attention on top of a roof.

She asks you to participate and help her make her video as this can get attention that may result in people sending for help.

#Clickbait Side Quest in Dead Island 2

How To Get #Clickbait Quest?

As you make your way back to Bel-Air and go through the Goat Pen, the explosion will trigger and the #Clickbait side quest will become available.

#Clickbait Quest ObjectivesMaking the way towards where the noisy person (Amanda) is

1) Explosions on the GOAT Pen Roof?! Check it Out!

Once the side quest begins, make your way towards where the noisy person is by following the stairs and going up to where the pool is.

You will see the person on top of a roof but they will head further up and you will need to catch up with them by going through the building. (You can break through the glass)

Head out the main entrance and go up the stairs and you will see a girl shouting on top of the roof, who you can now talk with.

2) Talk to the Loud Girl on the GOAT Pen Roof

The girl, who is later known to be Amanda Styles will be talking to you and you will need to go near the area below her and interact to speak with her.

She tells you about your video and wants you to help her out by killing zombies in various ways, which you agree to do.

3) Blast Some Music and Lure in the Zombies for a Rooftop Rumble!

Before starting, Amanda wants you to play music to lure zombies for you to kill, which you can do by heading towards the sound system and interacting with it.

Throwing zombies off of the roof

4) Boot Some Brain-eating Butts Off the Roof!

Amanda will want you to throw zombies off of the roof and you can do this by attacking them or kicking them in various ways until they fall off.

A good way to prepare for this would be to break the glass so they can easily be knocked off of the roof but kicking them with a jump kick does the trick. (You need to knock 6 zombies off the roof)

5) “Stop”? What Does Amanda Want Done Differently?

Amanda is done with this part of the video and is thinking about a new way to get the attention of her viewers and you will now need to wait for what she decides.

6) Get Ready!

Amanda wants you to maim your enemies for the next round and she has given you a bit of time to get ready as zombies will be coming towards you again.

Attacking Zombies arms, legs and even head 12 times

7) Go for the Limbs and Get Your Maim on!

You will need to maim your enemies, which can be done by attacking their arms, legs and even head and this needs to be done 12 times.

8) THAT WAS FUN! What’s next?

You both seem to be enjoying yourselves but Amanda is now thinking of another way for you to torture the zombies and will take a short while to come up with a new idea.

9) Get Ready!

Amanda has decided that she wants to burninate the dead, which pretty much means that she wants you to kill them with fire.

Set the Zombies on fire by using the traps in the area

10) Burninate the Zombies to Death!

For this part, you simply need to set zombies on fire which can be done with most of the traps in the area or simply luring them to walk over fire. (Needs to be done 6 times)

11) Mop ‘em up for some epic B-Roll!

Now that the tasks are finished, you will need to clear out the remaining zombies, which includes a Crusher named Chonkers.

12) Leave a Comment with Amanda Styles

Now that the video has been made, it’s time for you to talk with Amanda again to finish things off, which ends with her thanking you before she walks off.

#Clickbait Side Quest Rewards

Completing the #Clickbait side quest will reward you with 1,500 XP and this will also unlock the Wrecking Ball survivor card.

Wrecking Ball allows your kicks to shatter your enemy’s defenses, which weakens zombies and makes them more vulnerable to your attacks.


No matter what kind of disaster has happened, it looks like there are still those who want to be famous and Amanda Styles is one of them.

The good thing about her video is that it may get people to realize what is going on and hopefully, help may be sent.

Now that you have helped her out, it’s time to be on your way but something tells you that this won’t be the last time you see her.

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