Dead Island 2 Brentwood Waste Key Location & How to Get

Once you make your way back from Monarch Studios, you will come across the Brentwood Waste Facility which is where you search for keys to get out.

In the room where you find Phil, there is a waste bin that is locked which can later be unlocked to get a rare weapon.

To do this, you will first need to complete a certain quest before finding the zombie that holds the key that can open the Brentwood Waste Bin.

Brentwood Waste Bin

Brentwood Waste Bin LocationBrentwood Waste bin is in the facility

The Brentwood Waste Bin can be found in the facility where you first encountered the Crusher named Phil, just in the room at the end to the left.

This is located at the waste facility in Beverly Hills and you should be able to see it on your map once you have completed the Justifiable Zombicide quest.

Once you have the time to go back to the facility, you will also be able to quickly grab the key that can open the waste bin as you head back.

How To Get Brentwood Waste Key?Brentwood Waste Key is carried by Brentwood staff

The Brentwood Waste Key is carried by a Screamer zombie who is simply named “Brentwood Staff” and they can be a bit tougher than the usual Screamer zombies.

A good way to take out the Brentwood Staff would be to use your curveballs or throwable weapons to cancel her screams and even stun her.

Brentwood Waste Key LocationBrentwood Waste Key map

The only way you can get the Brentwood Staff zombie to appear is if you have completed the Justifiable Zombicide quest, which is where you encounter your first screamer.

Once you have killed the Brentwood Staff zombie, you can pick up the Brentwood Waste Key next to her dead body along with other loot.

Brentwood Waste Bin LootBrentwood Waste Bin drop

The Brentwood Waste Bin will drop a Puncturator Heavy Wrench when you open it with the Brentwood Waste Key.

This modified Rare Heavy Wrench has the innate Rare Melee Puncutrator mod, which converts your weapon to inflict bleed damage along with a damage boost.

Successful hits with the Puncturator Heavy Wrench will cause them to suffer from the bleeding effect, causing them to take damage over time.


At first, you may have thought that Phil would have had the key but apparently, it looks like he was just the person who oversaw the gate.

The Brentwood Staff for some reason is a screamer and must have probably been one of those noisy employees who would get mad at everyone.

It is a bit strange why a heavily modified wrench would be stashed in a waste bin but who knows, it might have been hidden so no one would look for it there.

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