Dead Island 2 Family Garage Safe Key Location & How to Get

Exploring homes in Beverly Hills can lead you to some pretty good loot as you progress through the game and one of them early on is the Family Garage Safe.

If you happen to stumble upon this safe within a garage in a building with a blue roof, things can get a bit tricky as the holder of its key is far from the house.

No need to worry though as we have got you covered and will make sure that you can open this safe and get a new shiny toy to slice zombies with.

Dead Island 2 Family Garage Safe

Family Garage Safe LocationFamily Garage Safe is located at one of the buildings with a blue roof, north of Beverly Hills

If you are wondering where the Family Garage Safe is located, it’s in one of the buildings with a blue roof around the north of Beverly Hills.

This building is next to the building with a workshop, and you can reach the garage by going around the burning vehicle.

The garage will be open, and some zombies may be around but that’s all you need to get to the safe, but the problem now is that the key holder is missing.

How To Get Family Garage Safe Key?Killing Noisy Neighbor to get the Family Garage Safe key

The Garage Safe Key is held by a runner zombie named Noisy Neighbor and they are at the very end of the street north of the safe zone.

This zombie is not much of a challenge and may end up getting themselves damaged or even killed the moment you arrive.

Family Garage Safe Key LocationGarage Safe Key Location is around the barricade (Noisy Neighbor is holding)

You can find the noisy neighbor just around the barricade to the east and will be able to see them from afar once you get around the corner.

We’ve marked the location in the image above to give you more detail on exactly where we were able to locate the Noisy Neighbor.

Family Garage Safe LootA Bowie Knife is a loot for opening the Family Garage safe

Once you have killed the Noisy Neighbor and have grabbed the Garage Safe Key, it’s time to open it up to get a nice Bowie Knife.

The Family Garage Safe will drop a Rare Bloodthirsty Bowie Knife, which comes with an innate Bloodthirsty perk.

The Bloodthirsty perk provides you with a damage boost and allows you to generate increased fury when killing zombies.


A house so far from a Noisy Neighbor may not have much to talk about how they got the key, but one thing is for sure, they travelled quite far.

Since the place is crowded with zombies and no one is sure who lives there, it’s time to call finders keepers on this one.

Now that you have accessed this easy-to-get safe, you can now enjoy cutting up zombies with a new Bowie Knife. (Don’t forget to upgrade it)

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