How to Get Arbor Warden in Destiny 2 (Exotic Chest Armor)

Titan’s got a taste of a new Exotic Chest Armor when Season of the Deep came out, which modifies their class ability in a certain way.

The Arbor Warden is an Exotic Chest Armor that converts your barricade into a grenade, allowing you to deploy it from afar.

This can be used in different situations and to make things better the effects fragments you have equipped also affect the ability.

Arbor Warden Exotic Chest Armor in Destiny 2

“Tend the gardens of your heart.”

How To Get Arbor Warden Chest Armor?

The Arbor Warden Chest Armor is obtainable from Legend and Master Lost Sectors, which needs to be completed by opening the chest at the end.

If you are after this particular chest armor, you may have to run the Lost Sector multiple times as the chances of it dropping are shared with other chest armor.

It is important that you farm Arbor Warden by first checking if the Lost Sector is set to Chest Armor drops as other sets will not drop this, which requires you to wait for rotations.

Arbor Warden Armor Perks


When you have the Arbor Warden equipped, this changes your Barricade ability into a grenade, which deploys the Barricade on impact.

The fragments that affect your grenade abilities will also affect the Barri-nade that you throw, making it a good idea to choose which ones you have equipped.

Deploying your Barricade in this manner requires that you prepare it but this only takes a short amount of time and you can even skip the animation.


The Arbor Warden can make a huge difference in the heat of battle and while some may think that it is silly, it is good for creating space.

You can use this when you want to block an enemy’s shots to advance to another location or when you need to rush up to a downed ally to help them back up.

Depending on how you use the Barri-nade, it can be a huge game changer, especially if you equip certain fragments with your subclass.

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