Destiny 2 Lost Sector Rotation (Legend & Master)

Destiny 2 Lost Sectors

There are several Lost Sectors scattered across various locations which each have their own time when they become Legend or Master Lost Sectors.

Each Lost Sector which has been modified to become a Legend or Master Lost Sector will be harder to complete but will yield better rewards.

Legend & Master Lost Sector

The Legend & Master Lost Sector today can be found in our list below as well as the upcoming Lost Sectors of this month.

It is recommended to have at least a Power Level of 1830 for a higher chance to complete a Legend Lost Sector & to complete Master Lost Sector it’s recommended to have at least a Power Level of 1840.

Lost Sector Rotation (April’ 2024)


Lost SectorLost Sector


April 1

Bunker E15EuropaHead
April 2Concealed VoidEuropaLegs

April 3

April 4Gilded PreceptNeomunaChest

April 5

Scavenger’s DenEDZHead
April 6Skydock IVEDZLegs

April 7

The QuarryEDZArms
April 8Aphelion’s RestDreaming CityChest

April 9

Bay of Drowned WishesDreaming CityHead
April 10Chamber of StarlightDreaming CityLegs

April 11

April 12Bunker E15EuropaChest

April 13

Concealed VoidEuropaHead
April 14ThrilladromeNeomunaLegs

April 15

Gilded PreceptNeomunaArms
April 16Scavenger’s DenEDZChest

April 17

Skydock IVEDZHead
April 18The QuarryEDZLegs

April 19

Aphelion’s RestDreaming CityArms
April 20Bay of Drowned WishesDreaming CityChest

April 21

Chamber of StarlightDreaming CityHead
April 22PerditionEuropaLegs

April 23

Bunker E15EuropaArms
April 24Concealed VoidEuropaChest

April 25

April 26Gilded PreceptNeomunaLegs

April 27

Scavenger’s DenEDZArms
April 28Skydock IVEDZChest

April 29

The QuarryEDZHead
April 30Aphelion’s RestDreaming CityLegs

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How to Unlock Legendary Lost Sectors?

The Legendary Lost Sector today will only show if you have already discovered the Lost Sector and unless you do so, there will be no icon that shows it on your map.

Once you have discovered the location of a Lost Sector by heading to its location and completing it, you can see it when it becomes a Legend or Master Lost Sector.

Lost Sector Terms and Rotation

Legendary Lost Sectors are referred to simply as Legend Lost Sectors and each current Legendary Lost Sector rotates just as the Master Lost Sector Rotation does.

Legend Lost Sectors are the Legendary Variants of Lost Sectors while Master Lost Sectors appear to be an Exotic Variant, each being harder than the other.

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