Destiny 2 Nessus Lost Sector Locations & Map

Destiny 2 Nessus Lost Sectors Locations

Nessus is a planetoid that is occupied by different factions but remains mostly in the hands of the Vex and is known well as being where the Exodus Black has crash-landed.

Most players nowadays reach Nessus first during the Exodus Crash strike but others can, later on, explore it on their own once all prerequisites are met.

Players can explore and find up to five different lost sectors in Nessus which include The Orrery, The Rift, The Carrion Pit, The Conflux, and Ancient’s Haunt.

Nessus is a great place to farm different faction Kills since there are three different factions present among the lost sectors, including Fallen, Vex, and Cabal.

Also know about the locations & map of the below lost sectors:

Nessus Lost Sector MapNessus Lost Sector Map

Nessus Lost Sector Locations

  • The Orrery – Artifact’s Edge
  • The Rift – Exodus Black
  • The Carrion Pit – Glade of Echoes
  • The Conflux – The Cistern
  • Ancient’s Haunt – The Tangle

The Orrery (Wanted Thyrdron Location)The Orrery (Wanted Thyrdron Location)

  • Boss: Wanted: Thyrdron
  • Elites: Nightmare Harpy
  • Faction: Vex
  • Area: Artifact’s Edge

As you travel to Artifact’s Edge, you will notice a large round gap at the side, and to the bottom right of that gap is the entrance to The Orrery.

You will mostly encounter Goblins and Hobgoblins as you progress through this mechanical structure until you come across Wanted: Thyrdron.

Be sure to take out the Vex enemies located around the area as they have the habit of attacking you at a long distance, which can make it hard to survive the fight.

Wanted: Thyrdron will be fighting alongside Nightmare Harpies which you may want to take out before focusing on attacking the boss.

The Rift (Wanted Tattered Dusk Captain Location)The Rift (Wanted Tattered Dusk Captain Location)

  • Boss: Wanted: Tattered Dusk Captain
  • Elites: Nightmare Shank
  • Faction: Fallen
  • Area:  Exodus Black

The Rift lost sector can easily be located in Exodus Black by heading towards the left after fast traveling where you will see tubes and one will have a lost sector marker on it.

There will be a passage behind the tubes and you can make your way towards the inside where you will find yourself facing off against the Fallen.

After fighting through a medium-sized group, you will need to cross a gap towards an area that has been turned into an improvised shelter by the Fallen.

Once you have crossed over to the other side, you will be engaged by several Fallen alongside Wanted: Tattered Dusk Captain and a couple of Nightmare Shanks.

The Carrion Pit (Wanted Nariks Reborn Location)

The Carrion Pit (Wanted Nariks Reborn Location)

  • Boss: Wanted: Nariks Reborn
  • Elites: Nightmare Wretch
  • Faction: Fallen
  • Area:  Glade of Echoes

Carrion Pit is a lost sector that appears to be what is left of a mining site and can be found in the Glade of Echoes.

The entrance is located near a bunch of debris in the middle of the Glade of Echos where you will head down into a dug-out area.

This lost sector is quite small and once you clear the first area where there are Fallen enemies spread out, you will head towards a higher area and encounter Wanted: Nariks Reborn.

Wanted: Nariks Reborn is a Servitor boss that will continuously spawn Nightmare Wretches and other enemies to fight against you.

The Conflux (Wanted Shayotet Partisan Location)The Conflux (Wanted Shayotet Partisan Location)

  • Boss: Wanted: Shayotet Partisan
  • Elites: Nightmare Warbeast
  • Faction: Cabal
  • Area:  The Cistern

The Conflux can be found in The Cistern, past a large lake of electricity and the entrance is located near a tree next to a waterfall.

As you enter this lost sector, you will not be facing the Cabal bit by bit until you reach the boss but rather that you will encounter the majority of the enemies all at once including it.

Once you reach the main area after a bit of traveling from the entrance, you will come in contact with Cabal enemies as well as the boss, Wanted: Shayote Partisan.

Shayote Partisan fights alongside Nightmare Warbeasts which can be pretty deadly due to their high health and ability to knock you back with their deadly melee attacks.

Ancient’s Haunt (Wanted Pakrion Location)Ancient's Haunt (Wanted Pakrion Location)

  • Boss: Wanted: Pakrion
  • Elites: Nightmare Harpy
  • Faction: Vex
  • Area:  The Tangle

The Ancient’s Haunt lost sector is a small underground forest-like cave which is occupied by the Vex faction.

You will encounter a small force of Vex enemies as soon as you proceed through the cave and will shortly encounter the boss.

Inside Ancient’s Haunt, you will find Wanted: Pakrion, a boss variant of the Hydra, who is accompanied by Nightmare Harpy units.

Pakrion will attempt to retreat when its health has been reduced or when it is out of backup and even if you kill it early, the enemies will still be waiting at the end of the cave.


  • Goblins and Hobgoblins can attack you from quite a far range and there are instances such as in The Orrery where they are strategically positioned to suppress you with fire.
  • Carrion Pit is one of the best places to farm Fallen kills since there are a ton of Fallen forces crumpled up when you encounter Nariks Reborn.
  • Unless you are farming Fallen kills, you may want to use excessive force such as an ability or power weapon to quickly destroy Wanted: Nariks Reborn to stop enemy spawning.
  • The Warbeasts in the Conflux lost sector can be dangerous if not dealt with and once defeated, it is best to quickly finish off the boss.


Not only are there lost sectors available for grinding on Nessus, but it is also possible to farm Microphasic Datalattice.

The Carrion Pit is a popular Fallen killing site since the enemies can easily be killed and are grouped in a small space.

Most of the lost sectors in Nessus have small areas and can be finished easily, allowing players to grind gear, XP, and Glimmer.

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