Destiny 2 European Dead Zone (EDZ) Lost Sector Locations

Destiny 2 European Dead Zone Sectors

The European Dead Zone (EDZ) is home to the most lost sectors in Destiny 2, holding more than three times as many lost sector locations than any other location.

EDZ is occupied and invaded by different factions and you can expect that there will be several enemies from each faction, some even fighting against each other.

Most of the lost sectors in the EDZ are controlled by the Fallen, making it suitable for farming kills for their faction for achievements or tasks.

Also know about the locations & map of the below lost sectors:

We’ve covered about Trostland lost sectors separately in-depth. Visit this page to know more about the below mentioned 3 lost sectors.

  • Widow’s Walk (Wanted Mazan Lost Captain Location)
  • Atrium (Skexis Outcast Captain Location)
  • Terminus East (Wanted Sunless Captain Location)

Scavenger’s Den (Groxus Blind Captain Location)Scavenger's Den (Groxus Blind Captain Location)

  • Boss: Groxus, Blind Captain
  • Elites: None
  • Faction: Fallen
  • Area: Outskirts

Scavenger’s Den is a cave located within what appears to be sewers near the lake in the Outskirts, accessible through a tunnel at the bottom of a cliff.

Within the Scavenger’s Den, you will find yourself facing Fallen enemies and as you push through the area, you will have to defeat enemies to take down barriers.

After progressing to the end of the cave, you will encounter the boss, Groxus, Blind Captain who only fights alongside normal Fallen enemies, no elites.

The Drain (Wanted: Metal Captain Location)The Drain (Wanted: Metal Captain Location)

  • Boss: Wanted: Metal Captain
  • Elites: Nightmare Wretch
  • Faction: Fallen
  • Area: Outskirts

The Drain is a set of underground tunnels with a haunted essence about it as you will later encounter a shadowy figure floating around.

There are few enemies along the way to the boss fight area and this can easily be reached within seconds upon entering the tunnels.

Keeping to the right once you are past the earlier fallen forces will put you up against Wanted: Metal Captain, who fights alongside Nightmare Wretches along with other Fallen enemies.

Whispered Falls (Wanted Drained Captain Location)Whispered Falls (Wanted Drained Captain Location)

  • Boss: Wanted: Drained Captain
  • Elites: Nightmare Shank
  • Faction: Fallen
  • Area: Outskirts

Whispered Falls is a hidden cave that has an underground waterfall and is the hiding area of Wanted: Drained Captain.

The cave is swarming with Fallen enemies, including Nightmare Shanks, a stronger variant of the Shank unit which fights alongside the boss.

Reaching the end of the cave will put you face to face with Wanted: Drained Captain along with his Fallen backup forces.

The Weep (Wanted Downpour Captain Location)The Weep (Wanted Downpour Captain Location)

  • Boss: Wanted: Downpour Captain
  • Elites: Nightmare Wretch
  • Faction: Fallen
  • Area: Winding Cove

The Weep lost sector is an underground forest cave where the boss Wanted: Downpour Captain lurks along with Nightmare Wretches other Fallen forces.

You will find the entrance on top of a hill past the lost sector marker which will lead you down into the cave itself.

The interior of the cave might be a bit confusing and you will simply need to head up to the higher area which is the path to the boss fight area.

Pathfinder’s Crash (Wanted Zerz The Unstoppable Wight Location)Pathfinder's Crash (Wanted Zerz The Unstoppable Wight Location)

  • Boss: Wanted Zerz, The Unstoppable Wight
  • Elites: Nightmare Warbeast
  • Faction: Cabal
  • Area: Firebase Hades

The Pathfinder’s Crash lost sector is a cave that leads to the crash site of a ship known as the Pathfinder that went down quite some time ago.

There are no enemies as you head to the main area full of Cabal, which is the crash site, which has a small setup, making it seem as if there were survivors previously.

The main area will have Cabal enemies accompanying the boss Wanted: Zerz, The Unstoppable Wight, who fights alongside Nightmare Warbeasts.

Excavation Site XII (Wanted Dust Choked Thrag)Excavation Site XII (Wanted Dust Choked Thrag)

  • Boss: Wanted: Dust Choked-Thrag
  • Elites: Nightmare Legionaries
  • Faction: Cabal
  • Area: Firebase Hades

The Excavation Site VII lost sector is an underground mining area found within a cave located near Firebase Hades.

This site was lost a long time ago and now is occupied by Cabal forces, lead by their leader, Wanted: Dust Choked Thrag.

After entering the cave, you will find yourself following a path that leads you into a large room where Wanted: Dustk-Choke Thrag will be stationed along with his Nightmare Legionaries.

The Pit (Wanted Kurg The All-Seeing Force Location)The Pit (Wanted Kurg The All-Seeing Force Location)

  • Boss: Wanted: Kurg, The All-Seeing Force
  • Elites: Nightmare Legionaries
  • Faction: Cabal
  • Area: Firebase Hades

Beneath Firebase Hades lies The Pit lost sector, part of a facility where weapons, vehicles, and more are kept under the base.

You can expect to fight against a lot of Cabal forces within as you enter the main area, where Kurg, The All-Seeing Force resides.

You will fight Nightmare Legionnaires and other Cabal forces as you take on Wanted: Kurg The All-Seeing Force in a large storage part of the facility.

Skydock IV (Wanted Devourer Darg Location)Skydock IV (Wanted Devourer Darg Location)

  • Boss: Wanted: Devourer Darg
  • Elites: Nightmare Warbeast
  • Faction: Cabal
  • Area: Sunken Isles

The entrance to the Skydock IV lost sector can be found by heading past the marker located within the Sunkle Isles inside a facility under a large ship.

There will not be a lot of enemies along the way as you first head down a non-functional lift and a few doors which lead deeper into the facility.

At the end of the facility, you will encounter the Cabal boss known as Wanted: Devourer Darg, who fights alongside Nightmare Warbeats and other Cabal forces.

The Quarry (Wanted Fortifier Yann Location)The Quarry (Wanted Fortifier Yann Location)

  • Boss: Wanted: Fortifier Yann
  • Elites: Nightmare Legionaries
  • Faction: Cabal
  • Area: Sunken Isles

The Quarry lost sector is an abandoned mining site that is now occupied by Cabal forces led by their leader, Fortifier Yann.

As you make your way into The Quarry, you will need to fight through enemies such as Psions and Legionary units.

At the end of the cave, you will reach a large section where the boss, Wanted: Fortifier Yann will be waiting alongside his Nightmare Legionnaires.

Flooded Chasm (Wanted Phyzann, Drowned Captain Location)Flooded Chasm (Wanted Phyzann, Drowned Captain Location)

  • Boss: Wanted: Phyzann, Drowned Captain
  • Elites: Nightmare Shank
  • Faction: Cabal, Fallen
  • Area: The Gulch/Winding Cove

The Flooded Chasm lost sector is located in either The Gulch or Winding Cave as one opening leads to the other, forming a shortcut from one area to the other.

Inside you will encounter the Cabal and Fallen having a go at each other, putting you in the middle of the crossfire.

The boss in the area is Phyzann, Drowned Captain who is on a Fallen boss fighting against the Cabal alongside its Nightmare Shanks and other Fallen troops.

Hallowed Grave (Vendraxis, Shadow Of Oryx Location)Hallowed Grave (Vendraxis, Shadow Of Oryx Location)

  • Boss: Vendraxis, Shadow Of Oryx
  • Elites: None
  • Faction: Taken
  • Area: The Sludge

The Hallowed Grave is a subterranean tunnel that leads to several open areas where growth has occurred, also being the hideout of several Taken forces.

You will need to progress through certain areas, heading for the boss fight area by fighting your way through numerous Taken enemies that spawn in the area.

After reaching the end, the boss known as Vendraxis, Shadow Of Oryx will appear along with other Taken enemies to attack you.

Shaft 13 (Wanted Calzar Scarred Captain Location)Shaft 13 (Wanted Calzar Scarred Captain Location)

  • Boss: Wanted: Calzar, Scarred Captain
  • Elites: Nightmare Shank
  • Faction: Fallen
  • Area: The Sludge

Beyond a destroyed and abandoned building is the Shaft 13 lost sector, a leftover mining area that is occupied by the Fallen.

You will have to head up after reaching the last room after entering the building where the lost sector mark is to enter Shaft 13.

Once you are Shaft 13, you will need to fight through Fallen enemies and will eventually encounter Wanted: Calzar, Scarred Captain, and his Nightmare Shanks.

Cavern Of Souls (Wanted: Varghul, Fragment Of Oryx Location)Cavern Of Souls (Wanted: Varghul, Fragment Of Oryx Location)

  • Boss: Wanted: Varghul, Fragment Of Oryx
  • Elites: None
  • Faction: Taken
  • Area: The Sludge

The Cavern Of Souls lost sector is one of the darkest caves you will experience in Destiny 2 and you will be fighting against the Taken as you make your way with only a small amount of light.

You will be facing off against the Taken and these enemies will continuously spawn as you progress through the cave until you reach the end.

Once you are at the end of the cave, Varghul and other Taken enemies will spawn into the area and begin to attack you when they notice your presence.


  • There are multiple fast travel points in the EDZ and you can utilize this to reach certain lost sectors easily.
  • Taken has a lot of control in the EDZ and this makes it a great place to kill several Fallen when needed.
  • Watch out for Nightmare enemies in lost sectors as they do more damage and are tougher to kill than their regular versions.
  • The Sludge is the only location in the EDZ that contains Taken enemies as main occupants, making it the only place worth farming Taken on the planet.
  • It would be good to check the bounties you have as a lot can be completed on EDZ since there are several Factions and a lot of lost sectors to farm.


There are plenty of lost sectors in the EDZ and some of them are easier than most, allowing players to farm them within a little amount of time.

EDZ is one of the best places to do bounties that require you to kill enemies as there are lots of events and lost sectors you can farm.

There are a total of 16 lost sectors that can be entered in the European Dead Zone, the majority occupied by Fallen while the rest are Cabal and Taken inhibited.

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