Destiny 2 Trostland Lost Sectors Locations & Map

Destiny 2 Trostland Lost Sectors

At the start of your journey in Destiny 2, you may find yourself searching for the Lost Sectors in Trostland to complete one of your newer quests.

There are 3 Lost Sectors in Trostland which hold the locations of Lost Sector chests that you can loot and bosses that you can hunt for rewards.

Trostland Region chests in this area are close to each other in concept and can easily be farmed by newer players.

You can find all the Trostland Lost Sectors locations by simply looking inside the church and going around it and looking for specific signs that mark their location.

Widow’s Walk Lost Sector Location (Mazan Lost Captain Location)

You can find the location of Widow’s Walk by heading to the left side of the church where Devrim Kay is camped out.

A hint that shows the location of Widow’s Walk is a blue sign that reads “Gragerich” and can enter through multiple openings in the building.

Inside you will face off against multiple Fallen units and later on fight Mazan, Lost Captain who is accompanied by Nightmare Shanks, a stronger variant of the Shank robots.

Atrium Lost Sector Location (Skexis Outcast Captain Location)

The Atrium Lost Sector can be found inside the church where Devrim Kay is holding out and can be accessed by heading to the far end of the building.

You will notice two rusty doors leading down to what appears to been a processing/sewer area which will be full of Fallen enemies.

The boss in the Atrium is Skexis, Outcast Captain who you will be facing in a sealed room that will open once he is defeated.

Terminus East Lost Sector Location (Sunless Captain Location)

Terminus East is an old subway station that has been overrun by Fallen enemies who accompany the boss known as Sunless Captain.

You can find Terminus East by following the right side of the church in the Trostlands and looking for the green “Wausser” sign.

Sunless Captain will have 2 Nightmare Wretches that fight alongside him with him who spawn after a while if they are defeated. 


  • Watch out for the Nightmare Shanks that accompany Mazan, Lost Captain as they can be quite deadly if they get free hits on you from afar.
  • The Nightmare Wretch enemies that are with Sunless Captain can prove to be quite lethal and its best you avoid letting them get into melee range with you.
  • Newer players can find that farming these Lost Sectors is a great way to get starting gear when they have trouble progressing in the game.


You will find that the Lost Sectors in Trostland are easy to find and grind which makes it great for new players who need gear.

It is most likely that you may wind up heading to Trostland to either do the A Spark of Hope quest or to tackle bounties.

Clearing the Trostland Lost Sectors is required in order to acquire the Risk/Reward mission from Devrim Kay and later on complete the A Spark of New Hope quest.

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