Destiny 2: The Disgraced Strike

Destiny 2 The Disgraced Strike

  • Mission Type: Strike (Cooperative Matchmaking)
  • Location: Cosmodrome
  • Strike Duration: 20-30 Minutes
  • Fireteam Size: 1-3 Players

Following the events that come after the Advent mission, you are tasked by Commander Zavala to face Navôta in a Strike that takes place in the Cosmodrome.

The Hive Wizard Navôta has made an appearance in the Cosmodrome and it is up to you and your allies to defeat her.

The Disgraced Strike Objectives

1) Search the Terrestrial Complex

You will be starting out in the Terrestrial Complex which will need to search for Navôta inside the building.

Begin by following the waypoint which will bring you to a Fallen raiding party which Ghost claims to not be thrilled about the presence of Navôta in the area.

Fight through the Fallen raiding party and continue making your way towards the location of the waypoint until you reach the outer part of the building.

You will then encounter Hive enemies outside which you will need to clear out before you can continue with the assault.

2) Fight to Skywatch

Ghost will report dense signatures ahead and Shaw will confirm that Navôta gathering up a Hive swarm and will need to continue to fight your way to Skywatch.

You will continue and enter another part of the Terrestrial Complex and find Fallen enemies lurking inside which you must fight as you head towards your waypoint.

3) Breach the Jovian Complex

After fighting your way to Skywatch, you will find yourself in an open world area and your next task will be to head over to breach the Jovian Complex by following the next waypoint.

Make your way inside and you will encounter a few Cursed Thralls which you can fight through heading towards the waypoint.

A locked gate will be at the end of the hall and you will need to hack it in order to proceed with the Strike.

4) Find Navôta

Your next objective will be to head inside after the gate has opened and to locate Navôta, Eir Spawn as Shaw has already burned out her hiding spots and she will have nowhere to run.

Make your way inside towards her hiding spot and she will immediately arrive and begin to attack you and your fireteam.

5) Defeat Navôta

You and your fireteam should focus your fire on Navôta as soon as she makes an appearance and after doing a good deal of damage (around half or more of her first health bar) she will begin to retreat.

As you follow Navôta, Eir Spawn, you will encounter Hive enemies, including an Ogre, Knights and Cursed Thralls who you should clear out before proceeding.

Once you have cleared out the enemies, continue making your way to the through a gate that will open up, allowing you to chase after Navôta, Eir Spawn.

You will find yourself in a smaller room and there will be large numbers of Hive enemies fighting alongside Navôta, Eir Spawn.

After dealing a substantial amount of damage to Navôta, she will teleport out and more Hive enemies will come to attack you and your fireteam.

Navôta will reappear at the top of a nearby destroyed platform and you will be able to continue attacking her from there on.

Keep fighting Navôta while taking out her Hive swarm until you fully deplete her health bar and afterwards, she will drop a loot chest and the Strike will be complete.

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  • Try to utilize your abilities whenever you can to help clear out enemies and protect your fireteam.
  • It is ideal to focus fire on Navôta whenever given the chance and to clear out enemies instead of fighting them together.
  • Navôta takes more damage when you aim for her head/face as this will deal Precision Damage to her.

Navôta, Eir Spawn is commonly written simply as Navota or Navota, Eir Spawn to be understood easily by other players and to save time from using special characters when talked about.


You and your team will have successfully defeated Navôta and Shaw will claim that Cas and Maeve will be able to rest easier thanks to you.

After the long battle, you are to head back to the Tower as instructed and the quest called a Spark of Hope will also become active.

Once you and your fireteam have successfully defeated Navôta the Strike will be complete.

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