Destiny 2: The Glassway Strike

Destiny 2 The Glassway Strike

  • Mission Type: Strike (Cooperative Matchmaking)
  • Location: Europa
  • Strike Duration: 10-15 Minutes
  • Fireteam Size: 1-3 Players

A Vex gate that remains on Europa is active due to the events caused by Eramis, which can lead to the Vex swarming the planet.

While the gate is important, as Exo Stranger explains, it is a vital link to the Vex, and something must be done to preserve Europa from them.

You and your fireteam are tasked with putting a halt to the portal so that the Vex will be halted from invading Europa further.

Strike Objectives

Prevent The Vex From Swarming Europa

You will be starting in the Asterion Abyss (Europa) and will need to make your way down a large drop, leading to an abandoned frozen fortress.

There will be Fallen Barrier located further ahead, which you can easily reach by using your vehicle to save time.

On your way to the waypoint, you will come across several enemies guarding the area, which you must defeat and move forward into the icy canyons.

Disable The Fallen Barrier (Part 1)

Once you continue along with the icy caverns, you will find yourself in Fallen territory and will need to take down a Fallen Barrier to continue.

In this phase, you won’t be able to respawn, and this will end up with you and your fireteam restarting this part if all of you die.

After clearing out all of the enemies in the area, the Fallen Barrier will deactivate, and you will need to press forward.

Disable The Fallen Barrier (Part 2)

As you follow the waypoint heading into the next area, you will encounter even more enemies and another barrier blocking your path.

Carefully take out the enemies and watch out for enemies being shielded by Defiled Servitor, House Salvation.

Take out the Servitor enemy, and you will then be able to clear out the rest and move past the Fallen Barrier.

Disable The Fallen Barrier (Part 3)

You and your fireteam will find yourselves traversing across large gaps and should avoid falling, or you will die.

Continue making your way to the next Fallen Barrier, and you will once again have to clear out the enemies before it is disabled.

As you cross the large gaps, be sure to use your jump abilities for extra safety and watch out for enemy fire as you head for the waypoint.

Drain The Radiolarian Fluid

You will reach a large room where the area is full of Radiolarian Fluid, and this must be drained for you and your fireteam to proceed.

Things will not be that easy as you will need to remain inside the circle to drain the area of Radiolarian Fluid.

Stay in the circle and hold back the enemies but watch out as they will tend to warm your position, making you a sitting duck with a small fighting chance.

Traverse The Pit

After draining the area of Radiolarian Fluid, you will need to make your way across the area by jumping across.

There will be a barrier at the end, and you will need to kill the remaining enemies in the area before it opens up.

It is best for you to kill the enemies along the way at this point, or you could fight them once you reach the end.

Stop The Transcendent Hydra Invasion

Once you reach the end of the area, you will find yourself at the gate, which is guarded by a Resilient Captain.

Defeat the captain, and the boss fight will begin, causing the boss known as Belmon, Transcendent Mind appear along with a Transcendent Hydra.

Belmon will casually disappear and leave the Transcendent Hydra to attack you along with other mobs that can prove quite deadly.

There are passages in the area which you can use to your advantage when facing the enemies that spawn in the area.

Continue to clear out the enemies and deal damage to the Transcendent Hydra to force Belmon out into the open so you and your fireteam can attack it.

You and your fireteam will need to repeat these phases until you completely drain Belmon’s health, ending the mission.

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  • It is ideal to bring at least one weapon that can deal area of effect damage to clear out mobs in the boss fight and while heading to the end.
  • Do not walk or stand in the Radiolarian Fluid, especially in the boss fight, because this can deal damage to you.
  • Belmon and the Transcendent Hydra have an obvious weakness which is their eye, and you can easily time your shots.
  • The boss has a shield that rotates around it, and you will need to time your shots or use your jump ability to get a good vantage point.

Sometimes the area may appear to be clear, but you can find that the enemies are hiding in the small passages to the left or right of the last area.


Defeating Belmon, Transcendent Mind will finish off the rest of the enemies in the area, and the missions will come to an end.

Ghost will mention that the Vex are down for the count, and Exo Stranger will confirm relief as the mission finishes.

After your efforts, the Vex gate will remain inactive, and Europa will be safe from future incursions for the time being.

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