Destiny 2: The Arms Dealer Strike

Destiny 2 The Arms Dealer

  • Mission Type: Strike (Cooperative Matchmaking)
  • Location: European Dead Zone, Earth
  • Strike Duration: 15-20 Minutes
  • Fireteam Size: 1-3 Players

An arms dealer named Bracus Zahn has been manufacturing weapons deadly which is intended to be supplied to the Red Legion.

You and your fireteam have been tasked with tracking down Bracus Zahn and putting a stop to his manufacturing once and for all.

Your fireteam will need to head to the European Dead Zone and infiltrate Bracus Zahn’s operation and attack him when he is cornered.

Strike Objectives

Find Bracus Zahn

You and your fireteam will start out by heading towards the waypoint where you will begin searching for Bracus Zahn.

A door is sealed tight near the starting point which can be opened by interacting with a nearby console that Ghost will hack.

Fight Through

Once Ghost has finished unlocking hacking, head outside and clear the area of all the enemies that arrive in order to continue.

Ghost will mention that the last harvester exposed an active fuse cell which will be marked by a waypoint that you will make your way to.

Offload the Charge

A nearby tank will expose a solar charge and you must head over and grab it, so you can drop it into the marked location.

Deposit the solar charge into the harvester’s active fuel cell and it will cause it to explode, allowing you to continue with the strike.

Defeat Lieutenant

Bracus Zahn’s lieutenant will arrive on scene and you will need to defeat her and shortly after continue to pursue the arms dealer.

Traverse Deeper

Once the lieutenant has been defeated, continue making your way further towards the waypoint where you can either fight through the enemies or rush past them.

As you exit the building, you find that Bracus’ Zahn’s ship will still be docked and will enter to search for him.

Enter the Cabal Base


Continue making your way into the Cabal base where enemies, including a Cabal Goliath Tank will be and start taking out the enemies inside.

Clear out the enemies in the area and Ghost will tell you to interact with a console to open up a path to the next waypoint.

Clear A Path

After interacting with the console, more enemies will appear as well as another Goliath Tank and you will need to fight your way through them.

Breach the Hangar Security

After clearing out the enemies you will head through a door that leads you to another console which you must interact with to get into the hangar.

You will need to interact with the console in order to allow Ghost to begin the hacking sequence and after a few seconds the door will open up.

Defeat Bracus Zahn

As the door opens up, Bracus Zahn will be waiting for you and you may begin attacking him until you deal a bit of damage to his health.

During the fight, Bracus Zahn will escape and you will need to follow by interacting with a console marked by a waypoint and jumping on a lift that leads to the surface.

Once the elevator arrives at the surface, Bracus Zahn will start sniping at you and your fireteam but you may take cover behind objects.

From here on Bracus Zahn will be vulnerable and you and your fireteam may continue to attack him until he is defeated.

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  • Try not to get near the Cabal Goliath Tanks as they can pack a punch and instead take cover and shoot it from afar.
  • You will not be able to kill Bracus Zahn at the first encounter and it is best you clear out the other enemies and head for the console.

Bracus Zahn will snipe at you and your fireteam but you can take cover and later on close in on his location to kite him.


Upon defeating Bracus Zahn, you and your fireteam will have stopped his act of providing the Red Legion with their supplies.

You finally have defeated Bracus Zahn after the long chase and have put a stop to his supply of weaponry for the Red Legion.

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