Destiny 2: The Insight Terminus Strike

Destiny 2 The Insight Terminus Strike

  • Mission Type: Strike (Cooperative Matchmaking)
  • Location: Nessus
  • Strike Duration: 15 -20 Minutes
  • Fireteam Size: 1-3 Players
  • Recommended Power: 1050

Zavala has informed you that knowledge has been gained about a Vex information depot located on Nessus.

You and your fireteam have been assigned to infiltrate the Vex information depot and find out what secrets they have hidden.

An enemy named Kargen The Technocrat is attempting to steal the information and you will need to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Strike Objectives

Locate The Insight Terminus

You will start off on a large cliff and will need to make your way towards the waypoint to find the Insight Terminus.

Do not worry if you fall off the ledge as it is intentional and the entrance is actually located at the bottom anyway.

As you traverse through the cave you will continue to fight past several Cabal forces and will need to make it past them as you head towards the waypoint.

Kargen will be waiting for you at the waypoint and will seal off the area as he attempts to head further into the cave.

Locate The Insight Terminus (Part 2)

Kargen will set up a barrier that you can deactivate by standing in the circle where its source of power is generated.

Enemies will come through the barrier and attack you while you unlock it and you must remain within it and defeat them in order to continue.

At this point, Zavala will inform you that your new priority will be to eliminate Kargen as a new objective for the operation.

Pursue Kargen

Continue making your way to the waypoint after removing the barrier but be careful as there will be countless Vex forces ahead of you.

As you pursue Kargen, you will come across a large part of the cave where he will lock you inside, requiring you to obtain Arc Charges to open up a large gate.

Your next task will be to defeat the Centurions that spawn and pick up Arc Charges and place them into their slots to open up the locked gate.

Pursue Kargen (Part 2)

Kargen will have already gained access to the intel and you and your fireteam will need to put a stop to him before he escapes.

Proceed to make your way into the boss fight area and Kargen The Technocrat will make his appearance and the fight will begin.

Stop Kargen

Kargen will hover into the air and become invulnerable for a period of time and enemy spawns will appear to attack you.

There will be a single ring at the end from where Kargen is facing and at least one player should stand in it to power down the barrier.

It will take a short period of time before the barrier is down but this process will reset if you are knocked back or exit the ring.

Once the barrier is taken down, Kargen will be vulnerable and you and your fireteam will need to deal enough damage to begin the next phase.

Kargen will once again protect himself with a barrier but this time there will be three rings that need to be deactivated.

After deactivating all three rings, the barrier will be down and you will now be able to finish off Kargen and complete the mission.

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  • Watch out when waiting for a centurion to spawn during the gate opening phase as they will kill you upon impact when landing.
  • While wielding Arc Charges, you will be unable to use your weapons but can still attack using the Arc Charge, dealing a melee attack.
  • Certain parts of the cave are tight and make it easy to take out enemies in groups, especially with area-of-effect weapons.
  • While disrupting the barriers during the boss fight, one player can focus on taking down the barrier while the others defend them.
  • The three barriers near the end of the boss fight can be simultaneously deactivated if one player stays in each circle.


Once Kargen is defeated, the area will now be secured and Zabala will ask Ghost what was inside the intel that was stolen.

It appears that Kargen has been targeting Vex installations and has been going about these operations along with his crew.

The data you took from Karden is information about an artifact known as “OXA” and is currently unknown to Ghost but he has determined it was last accessed by an “Otzot” centuries ago.

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