Destiny 2: The Hollowed Lair Strike

Destiny 2 The Hollowed Lair

  • Mission Type: Strike (Cooperative Matchmaking)
  • Location: Tangled Shore
  • Strike Duration: 20-30 Minutes
  • Fireteam Size: 1-3 Players

Fikrul, The Fanatic is an escaped convict who was held captive in the Prison of Elders but was able to escape and resorts to hiding.

There have been rumors going around about Fikrul, The Fanatic’s resurrection and you and a team of 2 others will need to head to the Scorn’s hideout to confirm if the reports are true.

You and your team must fight your way through Scorn enemies.

Strike Objectives

Investigate the Fanatic’s Reemergence

You and your team will arrive at Thieves’ landing and for a short amount of time will have to fight off Scorn troops in the area marked by a waypoint.

During this early part of the missions, you and your team will begin to hear The Fanatic taunting you and commanding his army to kill you.

After realizing that the Fanatic has reemerged, you and your team will make your way towards the source of his transmission.

Clear the Way

Keep making your way towards the waypoint and you will find yourself in Quitter’s Well, where you and your team must clear the way through enemy forces.

Along with the Scorn troops, there will be a Scorn Walker that you must destroy which is similar to the Walker you faced when you started out in the Cosmodrome.

After destroying the walker, The Fanatic will begin talking about Cayde-6 and how he deserved to die for what he did to the fanatic.

Investigate the Fanatic’s Reemergence (Part 2)

A barrier will go down after the Scorn Walker is destroyed and you will need to continue fighting your way through Quitter’s Well past Scorn enemies.

You and your team will then come across an area where there will be a gate blocking your path which requires you to activate two counterweights nearby.

Defeat the Vengeful Hand

An enemy known as The Vengeful Hand will walk through the barrier that appears once the gate has been opened, who resembles an Ogre.

In order to take the barrier down, you and your team must defeat The Vengeful Hand so that you can continue through the passage.

Hunt the Fanatic

After defeating The Vengeful hand continue through the passage and make your way past the platforms as you head towards the waypoint in search of The Fanatic.

During this part of the mission, a Wanted enemy may appear and you can take it down as you pass through this area.

Defeat the Fanatic

After going through a long corridor, you will find yourself in the boss fight area where the Fanatic will confront you.

The Fanatic will be fighting alongside several Scorn troops and you and your team will have to face them simultaneously.

From time to time while you are fighting The Fanatic, he will use his tether ability to pull you and your fireteam towards him and in order to escape you need to deal damage to him, preferably Precision Damage.

During the fight The Fanatic will teleport behind a barrier and summon troops which you must defeat before he teleports back in.

Watch out for the Fanatic’s attacks and continue to deal damage to him whenever you have cleared out the lesser enemies.

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  • The Fanatic is a powerful boss who utilized electrical powers to deal damage to his targets and it will be wise to use armor that resists Arc damage.
  • It is best to aim for The Fanatic’s head when he is pulling you and your team towards him but abilities and grenades may also cancel the pull.
  • Watch out for the circles of electricity known as Wrath of the Scorned which deal Arc damage in an area while also spawning in Scorn troops.


Once you and your team endure the long fight and deal enough damage to defeat The Fanatic, he collapses to his death and a chest will appear.

Fikrul, The Fanatic will once again be down but this will not last forever because in the future, he will soon rise again due to his resurrection abilities.

The mission will be finished once you and your team have successfully slain the Fanatic.

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