Destiny 2: All Lost Sectors Guide (Area, Faction, Bosses, Rewards & Rotations)

Destiny 2 Lost Sectors

You may have noticed special locations on most of the maps which have a symbol (two curved lines covering a dot) that lead to a mini-dungeon.

These are Lost Sectors, they are both early and late game ways to farm resources, Glimmer, and good gear which varies depending on your power level.

Lost Sectors also have special variants where two of them become special instances (master and legendary), providing a bigger challenge and a better reward.

Finding the Lost Sectors are easy and most of them can be handled with no problem, making it great for grinding later on.

How to Find Lost Sectors?

You can locate Lost Sectors by looking for their symbols on the map as these will be revealed but to find the exact entrance you will need to do some looking around.

If you head to the location of where a Lost Sector is located, you should look around for the entrance to it by seeking the symbol that marks it.

These can be easily spotted when you roam the area and it is also easy to stumble upon them as the name of the Lost Sector is on your map.

You will notice that the name of the area you are in appears at certain points when you travel, this will also show the name of the Lost Sector you enter, which you can confirm on your map.

All Destiny 2 Lost Sectors

Below is a collection of all the Lost Sectors in Destiny 2 that you can find and explore, which are also included in the Master Lost Sector and Legend Lost Sector rotations.

Each of the Lost Sectors has its boss (Major) as well as a faction that occupies it and can be found in their specific locations.

Cosmodrome Lost Sectors

Lost Sector



Exodus Garden 2A

The DivideFallenDeksis-5 Taskmaster
Veles LabyrinthForgotten ShoreHive

Ak-Baral, Rival of Navota

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Dreaming City Lost Sectors

Lost Sector



Chamber of Starlight

RheasilviaTakenInkasi, Disciple of Quria
Bay of Drowned WishesDivalian MistsScorn

Yirksii, Subersive Chieftain

Aphelion’s Rest

The StrandTaken

Ur Haraak, Disciple of Quria

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Europa Lost Sectors

Lost Sector




Cadmus RidgeVexAlkestis, Sacrificial Mind
Bunker E15Eventide RuinsVex

Inquisitor Hydra

Concealed Void

Asterion AbyssFallen

Teliks, House Salvation

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European Dead Zone Lost Sectors (EDZ)

Lost Sector



Terminus East

TrostlandFallenWanted: Sunless Captain

Skexis, Outcast Captain

Widow’s Walk

TrostlandFallenWanted: Mazon, Lost Captain
Scavenger’s DenOutskirtsFallen

Groxus, Blind Captain

The Drain

OutskirtsFallenWanted: Metal Captain
Whispered FallsOutskirtsFallen

Wanted: Drained Captain

The Weep

Winding CoveFallenWanted: Downpour Captain
Pathfinder’s CrashFirebase HadesCabal

Wanted Zerz, The Unstoppable Wight

Excavation Site XII

Firebase HadesCabalWanted: Dust Choked Thrag
The PitFirebase HadesCabal

Wanted: Kurg, The All-Seeing Force

Skydock IV

Sunken IslesCabalWanted: Devourer Darg
The QuarrySunken IslesCabal

Wanted: Fortifier Yann

Flooded Chasm

The GulchCabal, FallenWanted: Phyzann, Drowned Captain
Hallowed GraveThe SludgeTaken

Vendraxis, Shadow Of Oryx

Shaft 13

The SludgeFallenWanted: Calzar, Scarred Captain
Cavern Of SoulsThe SludgeTaken

Wanted: Varghul, Fragment of Oryx

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Moon Lost Sectors

Lost Sector



K1 Logistics

Archer’s LineFallenNightmare of Kelnix Reborn
K1 Crew QuartersHellmouthFallen

Nightmare of Reyiks, Actuator

K1 Revelation

Sorrow’s HarborHiveNightmare of Arguth, the Tormented
K1 CommunionAnchor of LightFallen

Nightmare of Reyiks, Actuator

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Nessus Lost Sectors

Lost Sector




Artifacts EdgeVexWanted: Thyrdron
RiftExodus BlackFallen

Wanted: Tattered Dusk Captain

Carrion Pit

Glade of EchoesFallenWanted: Nariks Reborn


The CisternCabalWanted: Shayotet Partisan
Ancient’s HauntThe TangleVex

Wanted: Pakrion

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Tangled Shores Lost Sectors

Lost Sector



The Empty Tank

Thieve’s LandingFallen, CabalAziis, Dusk Marauder
Kingship DockThieve’s LandingScorn

Vilzii, Scorn Chieftan

Trapper’s Cave

Four-Horn GulchCabalGarut Gra’am
Shipyard AW0-43Jetsam of SaturnFallen


Wolfship Turbine

Soriks’s CutHiveSegrex, The Tainted

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Savathun’s Throne World Lost Sectors

Lost Sector




QuagmireScorn, HiveHathrek, The Glasweard

Dread Tatsrekaa


Florescent CanalHive

Bar-zel, Tutelary of Savathun

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Neomuna Lost Sectors

Lost Sector



Hydroponics Delta

Zephyr ConcourseCabalValus Dravusk, Shadow Legion
Gilded PreceptAhimsa ParkCabal

Valus Tharum, Gladiatorial Overseer


Liming HarborVex

Agon, Strategic Hydra

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Lost Sector Bosses

Each Lost Sector has a boss that can be found mostly deep within the location and to complete the Lost Sector, you will need to defeat it and open its Boss Cache.

A key for the Boss Cache will be acquired after you defeat the boss of the Lost Sector you are exploring and does not require being picked up.

The bosses for each lost sector all are unique when it comes to their name and resemble other enemies you may encounter, having better stats, a larger size, and different appearance.

Lost Sector Rewards

Every Lost Sector will have a Loot Chest (Boss Cache) inside which requires a Boss Cache Code to be opened for a reward.

The Boss Cache Code is automatically obtained when the Lost Sector boss has been defeated and can open the Boss Cache afterward.

The Lost Sector chest can reward you with Glimmer and sometimes gear which mostly comes in rare or legendary quality.

You can only open a chest once per instance of a Lost Sector but this can be reset once you exit and redo the Lost Sector.

Lost Sector Rotations

Players can receive rewards for completing special variants of the Lost Sectors which change daily and will appear on your map as long as you have found the Lost Sector.

There are two kinds of special Lost Sectors, which are Legend Lost Sector (1830 Power Level Recommended) and Master Lost Sector (1840 Power Level Recommended.)

Completing these special Lost Sectors will reward players with Exotic Gear but this is only when they are done solo.

Farming Legendary and Master Lost Sectors is considered to be one of the endgame activities in Destiny 2 as it helps players get some of the strongest gear in the game.


  • Lost Sectors are a great way to farm gear as well as Glimmer in both the early and late game in Destiny 2.
  • All of the Lost Sectors can be easily located when checking your map and spotting the symbols pinned to it.
  • Some Lost sectors are easier to farm than others and also are used to complete quests, bounties, and achievements.
  • There are Lost Sectors that can be exited and entered again easily, making it easy to grind them in a short amount of time.
  • You will mostly get Rare or Legendary items from Lost Sectors but it is possible to get higher quality gear.


There is a lot of gear that you can farm from the Lost Sectors and this comes quite in handy when you are trying to raise your Power Level.

The Lost Sector exotic drop rate is not that high when doing regular Lost Sectors and instead you can get them by doing the Legendary and Master ones.

Lost Sectors will scale with your Power Level and will commonly drop gear that is related to your level, which can help you replace old gear with new or better ones.

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