Destiny 2 Neomuna Lost Sectors Locations With Map

Destiny 2 Neomuna City (Neptune)

Neomuna is a city on Neptune that holds a whole civilization known as the Neomuni but many of them have been dormant and now live their lives in the CloudArk.

While the Neomuni enjoys their peaceful lives, a group known as the Cloud Striders defend the citizens in their dream lives.

The city has been sieged by multiple enemies and there is a lot to do to protect the Neomuni from meeting their doom as you go around the Neomuna Map.

Neomuna Lost Sectors MapNeomuna Lost Sectors Map

Neomuna consists of 3 main areas which are the Zephyr Concourse, Ahimsa Park, and Liming Harbor, all of which have pathing that is accessible via the road.

Neomuna Lost Sector Locations

  • Hydroponics Delta – Zephyr Concourse
  • Gilded Precept – Ahimsa Park
  • Thrilladrome – Liming Harbor

1) Hydroponics Delta (Valus Dravusk Shadow Legion Location)

Hydroponics Delta Lost Sector

  • Boss: Valus Dravusk, Shadow Legion
  • Elites: Honored Psion, Honored Colossus, Honored Gladiator, Honored Incendior
  • Faction: Cabal (Shadow Legion)
  • Area: Zephyr Concourse

Hydroponics Delta is a facility where seemingly unlimited provisions of food are being made, which is now targeted by the Shadow Legion.

You can find the entrance near the Lost Sector symbol as it will be inside the accessible door distinguished by its yellow light.

Valus Dravus, Shadow Legion can be found within and is capable of firing powerful blasts from his weapon and also has a devastating stomp attack that knocks you back.

The boss is accompanied by a few elite enemies and often calls upon War Beasts to assist him during the fight with him.

2) Gilded Precept (Valus Tharum Gladiatorial Overseer Location)

Gilded Precept Lost Sector

  • Boss: Valus Tharum, Gladiatorial Overseer
  • Elites: Honored Centurion
  • Faction: Cabal (Shadow Legion)
  • Area: Ahimsa Park

The Gilded Precept is a hidden part of the Typhon Imperator that can be accessed from the ship’s left side, which is nearest to the Lost Sector symbol near a cliff.

Within this secluded area are several Shadow Legion enemies that require you clear certain parts out to progress deeper.

This is where you can find Valus Throrum the Gladiatorial Overseer, who arrives once you approach a Centurion (which he crushes) that was seen killing another Cabal that wasn’t with them.

Valus Throum will remain on top of a pillar while his forces attack you as he fires projectiles from afar but will start moving once his health has been reduced.

3) Thrilladrome (Agon Strategic Hydra Location)

Thrilladrome Lost Sector

  • Boss: Agon, Strategic Hydra
  • Elites: Circumstantial Controller, Quantum Hobgoblin, Quantum Harpy, Circumstantial Avatar
  • Faction: Vex
  • Area: Liming Harbor

The Thrilladrome is an underground arcade that was used for extreme e-sports, as said by Sam Moleyn when talking to Ghost.

This Lost Sector is full of Vex enemies and some of them are even canned together like a bunch of sardines, making it easy to defeat them.

Within the Thrilladrome there will be a portal that takes you to where the boss is located, who is known as Agon, Strategic Hydra.

This boss is a bit of a challenge since it is flying around the area and you are in what appears to be a simulation that you need to maneuver your way through.


  • The Lost Sectors on Neomuna often have tight areas, making it easy to take out multiple enemies with abilities and powerful weapons.
  • You will only be facing Cabal and Vex enemies in Neomuna, so it’s a good idea to be mindful of their weak spots.
  • Doing some of the Lost Sectors can make it easy for you to complete patrols and bounties when on Neomuna.


The Vex enemies that you come across are more like pests rather than invaders while the Cabal are all Shadow Legion enemies.

Some of the Lost Sectors require a little more effort as they are not only a bit difficult to find but some also have methods for entering.

Doing Lost Sectors will allow you to obtain a decent amount of Strand Meditations now and then when you open a loot cache.

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