How To Get The Touch Grass Emote in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Touch Grass Emote

Emotes have been a fun way for players to interact with each other and express themselves when they are in the game.

One of the recently more popular emotes as of now is the Touch Grass Emote, which some players are dying to get their hands on.

You might want to get a glance at this emote since it is a bit different from the other emotes you may have seen in the game and is pretty funny depending on where you use it.

What is the Touch Grass Emote?

The Touch Grass Emote shows your character sitting on the ground with a virtual projection of what would be the grass on a beautiful day and even has butterflies flying around.

This is most likely a reference to the term “go touch grass” which is telling someone to go outside to the real world and play.

Thus, the description of “I thought the graphics would be better out here” sounds like a joke about the outside world being boring.

How To Get The Touch Grass Emote?

The Touch Grass Emote was initially released in Destiny 2 during Season 20, which is when Lightfall was added to the game and can be purchased from the Eververse Store.

You may obtain the Touch Grass Emote only by purchasing it with 1000 Silver, which is a premium currency in Destiny 2.

It will cost around $10 if you want to purchase 1000 Silver and once you have enough, you can buy the emote from the store.

How To Use The Touch Grass Emote?

To use the Touch Grass Emote, you will need to first equip it into one of your emote slots, which can be done by going into your inventory.

Once you are viewing your character, go to the second menu which is at the bottom, and open your emotes to view your emote wheel.

From the emote wheel you can choose which emote you want to equip and add it to a certain slot to be used later by pressing the corresponding button/key.


Destiny 2 has quite a lot of funny moments and the inclusion of emotes makes the game even more fun for some players.

Not only is the Touch Grass Emote a new and exotic addition to your collection but it is also pretty good to get a few giggles now and then.

If you are unsure yet if you would like to get your hands on the Touch Grass Emote, you can always preview it when you are checking it in the Eververse Store.

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