Destiny 2 Lightfall Quest Steps

Destiny 2 Lightfall

Following the recent events that happened, the Vanguard now face dangerous threats as The Witness, Calus and the Shadow Legion have made their move.

The discovery of Neptune and its civilization holds a new adventure for the Guardian but there is great peril where they are needed.

Meanwhile on Earth, Mara Sov is taking care of things and the Guardian is now on Neptune learning about a newfound power.

How to Get the Lightfall Quest?

Lightfall is the main quest after the recent update with the same title, which introduces the Strand subclass and continues the story where The Witch Queen left off.

Lightfall Campaign StepsDestiny 2 Lightfall quest info

Step 1: Go See Osirin in the Hall of Heroes

Your arrival on Neptune brought the attention of those who are protecting it and they have become your allies for now.

Osiris wants to have a word with you about the recent activities and what needs to be done now that you have witnessed a new power.

Step 2: Go See Rohan in the Hall of Heroes

It seems that the leader of the Cloud Striders known as Rohan would like to have a word with you and you can find him near Osiris in the Hall of Heroes.

  • Visit Osiris

Step 3: Complete the “Under Siege” Mission

Calus and his Shadow Legion have set their eyes on the Veil and have begun an assault, which requires that you intervene.

You will need to complete the “Under Siege” mission to fight them off in an attempt to prevent their plans from pulling through.

Step 4: Go See Nimbus

Following the Under Siege mission, you will need to head over to speak with Nimbus to inform him about what has happened.

Step 5: Complete the “Downfall” Mission

The Shadow Legion has a powerful weapon that could be the end of Neomuna and you will need to attempt to destroy it before the worst happens.

You will need to complete the “Downfall” mission to proceed.

D2 Downfall mission

Step 6: Go See Osiris in the Hall of Heroes

Your actions during the Downfall mission were not enough and things almost went for the worst but luckily you managed to make it out in one piece thanks to Caitl.

Osiris is waiting for you in the Hall of Heroes and will discuss a new plan for proceeding.

  • Visit Osiris

Step 7: Go See Nimbus

While Osiris has already come up with a plan, you should visit the Cloud Striders to get their opinion on what is going to happen.

  • Visit Nimbus

Step 8: Complete the “Breakneck” Mission

While the Shadow Legion has been pushing with their plans, the Vex have become quite the pests as they have targeted the CloudArk.

The civilization relies on the CloudArk and it is up to you and the Cloud Striders to keep them safe, which is done during the “Breakneck” mission.

Step 9: Go See Nimbus

After most of your efforts on Neptune had taken a turn for the worse, you were successful in protecting the CloudArk.

Nimbus was pleased with your success and wants to have a word with you.

  • Visit Nimbus

Step 10: Complete the “On The Verge” Mission

The Shadow Legion, Calus, and The Witness pose a great threat and only by mastering the new power known as Strand will you have a chance to fight back.

You will need to complete the “On the Verge” mission to learn more about Strand.

Step 11: Complete the “No Time Left” Mission

It seems that while you were busy, the Shadow Legion have begun to make a move and you will need to stop them before damage can be done.

You will need to complete the “No Time Left” mission to prevent the Shadow Legion before they create a link with the Veil using Darkness.

D2 On The Verge mission

Step 12: Go See Nimbus

You were able to prevent Calus’s attack but this came at a cost and Rohan is no longer around due to his great sacrifice.

Nimbus will need to talk to you about what comes next.

  • Visit Nimbus

Step 13: Complete the “HyperNet Current” Strike

The threat from multiple enemies needs to be dealt with by any measures necessary and you will need to help out with repowering the dormant Neomuni defenses.

You will need to complete the “HyperNet Current” strike mission which can be done by selecting it from the Destination menu.

Step 14: Go See Nimbus

With the defenses set up and you prepare to take on Calus and his Shadow Legion, the final battle draws near and you will need to get ready.

Nimbus will need to speak with you about what will happen next.

  • Visit Nimbus

Step 15: Complete the “Headlong” Mission

Knowing that Strand is your only advantage against the Shadow Legion, Osiris has come up with a plan to help finalize your training.

You will need to complete the “Headlong” mission to continue your efforts in mastering the newfound power.

Step 16: Complete “Desperate Measures” Mission

The final stand is about to happen and you will need to join up in defending the Veil against Calus and the Shadow Legion.

You will need to complete this mission to repel the Shadow Legion and later face Calus in battle.

Commander Zavala

Step 17: Go See Zavala in the Tower

You were able to fight back against Calus and even defeated him but in the end, The Witness got what it wanted and The Traveler was lost.

Zavala will need to speak with you about The Witness’ victory against the Vanguard.

  • Visit Zavala

Step 18: Go See Ikora in the Tower

The recent events have put everyone in a state of unrest and you will need to speak with Zavala as the Vanguard continues to monitor the current situation.

  • Visit Ikora

Step 19: Go To The Hall of Heroes and Meditate To Receive Your Strand Subclass

You have already mastered Strand and will now be able to meditate to become one with the newfound power.

Go to the Hall of Heroes and interact with the Pouka Pond.

  • Meditate at Pouka Pond (Centering)

Step 20: Purchase an Aspect

Now that you have obtained the Strand subclass, it is time for you to start upgrading it, which can be done at the Pouka Pond.

To complete this quest step, you will need to purchase at least 1 Aspect but can do this since one of the rewards has provided you with enough Strand Meditations for this.

  • Purchase Aspect

Step 21: Go See Nimbus

The future of Neomuna lies in the hands of the Cloud Striders and Nimbus will need to speak to you about what his plans are for the city and its citizens.

  • Visit Nimbus

After speaking with Nimbus, the quest will be complete and the Unfinished Business Exotic Quest will begin.

Lightfall Quest Rewards

During the events of the Lightfall quest, you will be able to obtain a lot of Neomuna Rank, which should get you a lot of reputation after it has ended.

You will encounter several missions that have chests at certain parts that will reward you with Glimmer, gear, and more.

At the end of the Lightfall quest, you will be able to use the Strand Subclass, which later can be upgraded by purchasing aspects and fragments.

Completing the Lightfall quest will also begin the Unfinished Business Exotic Quest, which later rewards you with the Deterministic Chaos Exotic Machine Gun.

VerdictD2 Subclass Progress

Calus has finally been defeated but things have taken a turn for the worst as The Witness has taken over The Traveler.

While all seems lost, there remains a spark of hope for everyone but things will most likely be challenging in the future.

For now, it is best to continue building up your power and to be prepared for the challenges that lie in the future.

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