Destiny 2 Unfinished Business Quest Steps

Unfinished Business Exotic Quest

After failing to prevent The Witness from taking over The Traveler, there is still hope left but things are a bit unclear at this point.

Following the passing of Rohan, an induction ceremony is to be held and it seems that he may have left some tracks behind for Nimbus and the Guardian to follow.

This is the Exotic Quest that continues what Rohan was tackling before the events of the Shadow Legion’s invasion, which rewards you with his machine gun.

How to Get Unfinished Business Quest?

The Unfinished Business quest becomes available after you have completed the Lightfall campaign and will begin once you attend Rohan’s induction ceremony.

You will need to go to the Hall of Heroes to witness the ceremony, which will start the quest, leaving you to speak to Nimbus.

Unfinished Business Quest StepsUnfinished Business Exotic Quest Info

Step 1: Go to the Hall of Heroes

To start the quest, you will need to go to the Hall of Heroes and witness the ceremony, which is where a cutscene will be played.

Step 2: Visit Nimbus to Find Out Why They Left Rohan’s Induction Ceremony Early

You have noticed that Nimbus has left early during the ceremony and will need to visit him in Neomuna to speak with him about it.

  • Visit Nimbus

Step 3: Collect Cipher Qubits from the Vex and Use Them to Extract Rohan’s Data from Cloud Accretions in Neomuna

After speaking with Nimbus, you have been tasked to collect Cipher qubits, which can be obtained by defeating the Vex.

You will then need to extract data from Cloud Accretions to recover Data, which requires you to collect enough Cipher qubits for each.

To complete this step, you will need to have enough data until the Data extractions available are 1x or higher before interacting with Cloud Accretions.

This has to be done 5 times for you to get all resources extracted to continue with the quest.

  • Collect 5 resources

Step 4: Locate the Final Data Packet in Maya’s Retreat

Ghost has located the last bit of encrypted data back at Maya’s Retreat and you will need to head over there to complete Rohan’s notes.

  • Locate data packet

Step 5: Survive the Vex Attack and Recover the Data Packet from their Conflux

The Vex will try to stop you from obtaining the data packet and you will need to fend them off before taking it.

  • Recover data packet

Step 6: Regroup with Nimbus and Osiris in Radiosonde to Find Out What was in Rohan’s Notes

Now that you have obtained the data packet, you will need to follow the waypoint to reach the location where Osiris and Rohan are talking.

Once you arrive, you will need to wait for their conversation to finish before you can proceed with the quest.

  • Witness conversation

Step 7: Retrieve a Vex Compass from the Lost Sector in Liming Harbor

To get to the Black Garden, you will need to first find a passkey but to do this, you will need a Vex Compass which can be obtained from the Thrilladrome Lost Sector.

The Thrilladrome Lost Sector is located in Liming Harbor and can be accessed through one of the vents on the second floor of a building marked by the waypoint if you are tracking the quest.

  • Retrieve Vex Compass

Step 8: Create Chaos in Ahimsa Park to Draw Shadow Legion Forces Away from Calus’ Ship

The other component required for the passkey is located in Calus’ ship but before you head over there, you will need to cause a distraction to lure enemies out.

You will need to defeat combatants in Ahimsa Park and doing so with abilities will help this quest step progress faster.

  • Defeat combatants (Reach 100% progress)

Obtaining Seed of Silver Wings at the Typhon Imperator, Calus’ ship

Step 9: The Passkey’s Other Component is a Seed of Silver Wings

With one component in hand, it’s time for you to obtain the other one, which is located in the Typhon Imperator, Calus’ ship.

You will need to follow the waypoint to reach the last room where you first entered the Typhon Imperator and defeat enemies to make the barriers disappear.

After the enemies have been defeated, you will need to access both marked locations to obtain the Seed of Silver Wings.

  • Obtain Seed of Silver Wings

Step 10: Return to Nimbus in Strider’s Gate to Build the Passkey

Now that you have all the components, head back over to Nimbus and speak with him to put everything together to make the passkey.

  • Visit Nimbus

Step 11: Complete the Mission “What Remains”

The passkey has been made and now it’s time for you to enter the Black Garden to obtain the memory core of The Conceptual Mind.

You will need to follow the waypoint that leads you to the mission and complete it to continue with the quest.

During this mission, you will obtain the Deterministic Chaos Exotic Machine Gun.

Step 12: Bring the Conceptual Mind’s Memory Core to Nimbus in Strider’s Gate

After completing, What Remains mission, you will need to head back to Nimbus and speak with him to proceed.

  • Visit Nimbus

Interacting with Rohan’s induction memorial at the Hall of Heroes

Step 13: Go to the Hall of Heroes to Honor Those Who Cut their Years Short for the Sake of Humanity

You will need to head over to the Hall of Heroes and interact with Rohan’s induction memorial, which will begin a cutscene.

The cutscene shows a view of the Hall of Heroes and you hear Osiris talking to Nimbus, which later ends the quest.

Unfinished Business Quest Rewards

During the Unfinished Business quest, you will be able to obtain the Deterministic Chaos Exotic Machine Gun.

This quest also allows you to complete the Rohan’s Legacy seasonal challenge and unlocks the Unfinished Business triumph.

VerdictFound small clues that Rohan has left in the Black Garden

Rohan may have left small clues behind but luckily, they were put together and you discovered more within the Black Garden.

With Rohan’s passing, it looks like Nimbus had a lot on his mind, especially when it came to living in the shadow of his mentor.

Nimbus can now rest much easier knowing what has been learned during these events and seems to have moved on a bit.

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