Cloud Accretions Locations in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Cloud Accretions

When Lightfall arrived, we were introduced to Neomuna, a city that exists on Neptune, which is inhabited by the Neomuni.

The technology they have requires Cloud Accretions and obtaining these is a big help for the city, which makes it worth searching for.

Cloud Accretions are needed in large amounts and if you are still wondering how and where to find them, you have come to the right place.

Where To Find Cloud Accretion?

Cloud Accretions can be found all over Neomuna but the thing about them is that they spawn in random locations now and then.

There is no need to worry though as there are two ways that you can easily find them whenever you are exploring Neomuna.

You can find Cloud Accretions by looking for their glow as they have a bright shine that makes them easy to spot or may equip the Wombo Detector mod.

The Wombo Detector mod will show the location of nearby resources based on which tier you have, making it easy to spot Cloud Accretions.

How To Get Cloud Accretions?Cloud Accretions

Cloud Accretions can only be obtained by interacting with them whenever you find one out in Neomuna, which is how you collect them.

These will not go into your inventory and instead will automatically be given to the Neomuni, which in return gives you Neomuna Rank.

When one player picks up Cloud Accretions, they will still be present but leaving one alone for a long time will cause it to despawn and appear somewhere else.

Cloud Accretion Uses

Neomuna Rank is important for progressing on Neptune and once you reach higher ranks, you will be able to collect more rewards from vendors such as Nimbus.

When your Neomuna Rank gets higher, you can start collecting rewards from Nimbus, and the higher your rank, the better the rewards you get.

Aside from getting an engram every time you rank up, you will also be able to collect certain high-power level gear and more from him.

Unfinished Business Cloud Accretion

During the Unfinished Business quest, you will be required to locate and collect a certain number of Cloud Accretions.

To do this, you simply have to go around searching for them by looking for their glow or with the help of the Wombo Detector mod.

There is a special requirement during the quest that requires you to defeat enough Vex first before you can properly extract what is needed from the Cloud Accretions for the quest.


Cloud Accretions are not hard to find and you will most likely stumble upon a few now and then when you roam around Neomuna.

These do not take too long to respawn and you can easily use them to get Neomuna Rank while you do other activities in the city.

Collecting Cloud Accretion will not store anything in your inventory and instead, you will just be rewarded with Neomuna.

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