How To Defeat Tormentors in Destiny 2

Tormentor Destiny 2

Sometimes an update can bring us new enemies, which can sometimes be easy or difficult to beat but one of them can be a real pain in the rear.

Tormentors were introduced when Lightfall came out and continue to be a horror to some players as they can be quite difficult to take on.

Aside from being sturdy enemies, Tormentors can deal serious damage to those who are unlucky enough to get too close to them.

What Are Tormentors?

Tormentors are powerful enemies that have a humanoid form and that have been created by the Witness to dispatch the Shadow Legion and Black Fleet’s enemies.

These massive creatures appear to be carrying a scythe, which resembles the Grim Reaper in form, thus giving them a scarier appearance.

You may encounter these creatures during certain missions and activities and will need to muster all your might to defeat them.

Tormentor Weak Spots

Tormentors will often reveal their weak spots with glowing, which is mainly their shoulder and this can be shot to halt them in their tracks.

Sometimes the Tormentor will become invulnerable, which is mostly after you deal heavy damage to them or shoot their glowing shoulder.

It is best to always keep your distance and aim for their weak spots to push them back and keep your distance from them at all times.

How To Fight Tormentors?

Once a Tormentor has come into a fight, it is best to keep your distance and avoid melee confrontation unless you have a quick way to get out of range.

You should target their weak spots to deal heavy damage and distance yourself once they are stunned by the powerful hits you deal.

We recommend using accurate weapons or those that can deal with heavy hits such as a Bow, Scout Rifle, Linear Fusion Rifle, and more.

It is best to keep your damage input high while also moving around or away from the Tormentor and if you have your Super ability charged, that would be a good time to use it.

Be sure to take cover when Tormentors use their abilities as these can cause a lot of damage but stay away or hiding behind objects will keep you safe.

Imprint of Nezarec TormentorFighting with the Imprint of Nezarec

The Imprint of Nezarec is a higher class of Tormentor that has a slightly different appearance than the usual ones you would find.

These are capable of dealing a lot of damage and may use powerful abilities that you should avoid when fighting them.

Just like the Tormentors though, the Imprints of Nezarec still have weak spots that you can exploit to defeat but caution is still advised.


Tormentors are one of the most difficult enemies that you will encounter during Lightfall and Season of Defiance but this does not mean they can’t be killed easily.

If you are fighting alone, it is best to clear out the enemies around the Tormentor before focusing on it or to take it out together when you are with a team.

Tormentors are quite slow and won’t be using most of their attacks unless you are within range of them, so we recommend keeping your distance.

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