Neomuna Rank (How to Get, Reputation & Rewards)

Destiny 2 Neomuna Reputation Rank

Neomuna is one of the latest additions to Destiny 2, being a civilization hidden in Neptune for a long time that has survived against its enemies.

Upon your arrival, the Cloud Striders decided that you are an ally and have been working with you ever since, rewarding you for your help.

Neomuna Rank is a type of collectible currency that is obtained and deposited straight into your Reputation Rank for Neomuna.

How To Get Neomuna Rank

Neomuna Rank is obtained by completing bounties, patrols, public events, Terminal Overload runs, and Lost Sectors, which can all be found in the city.

You can also obtain Neomuna Rank for opening chests found around the city as well as collecting Cloud Accretions.

To put it in simple terms, you can game Neomuna Rank by hanging around and doing whatever you can when you are in Neomuna.

Neomuna Reputation

Neomuna Reputation is also known by some as Nimbus Reputation as you always interact with him since he is the main vendor in Neomuna.

The higher your Neomuna Reputation gets, the more rewards you can claim from Nimbus, providing you with powerful gear, materials, and other bonuses.

Raising your Neomuna Reputation also allows you to later unlock fast travel points, which makes it easier for you to get around the city.

Neomuna Rank Rewards

As your position of being Neptune’s Ally increases, you will be able to collect certain rewards with higher reputation ranks.

Every time you rank up with your Neomuna Reputation, you will be entitled to claim a Neomuna Engram, which contains gear that contains previously acquired Neomuna weapons or armor.

  • Thunderhead Boots
  • Upgrade Module
  • Thunderhead Gloves
  • Thunderhead Robes
  • Enhancement Core
  • Thunderhead Bond
  • Unlock Additional Landing Zones
  • Terminal Overload Key Bounty
  • Upgrade Terminal Overload Key Chest
  • 200 Strand Meditations
  • Collectible Locator
  • Scintillant Trajectory
  • Thunderhead Cover
  • Neomuna Engram Upgrade

Collecting all of the rewards from Nimbus is a great way to catch up with your Power Level and progress with the current season.

The 200 Strand Meditations will allow you to make more purchases from The Pouka Pond while the Collectible Locator is a great way for finding secrets in the city.


Raising your Neomuna Reputation Rank is an easy task and will usually be high by the time you finish the Lightfall campaign.

Nimbus has a lot of rewards that become helpful later when you focus more on Neomuna and complete what it has in store for you.

One of the best ways to get Neomuna Rank is to get a lot of bounties and to start doing activities in the city to quickly complete them.

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