How to Get Season of Defiance Artifact (Ascendant Scepter) in Destiny 2

Ascendant Scepter Artifact Destiny 2

During the Season of Defiance, we were introduced to a new artifact that appears to be an upgrade to one that has been familiar in the past.

The Ascendant Spear is a new and improved artifact that has been provided for Guardians who will be taking up tasks as they progress through Season of Defiance.

With the help of the Ascendant Spear, Guardians may improve their capabilities based on the mods they unlock and equip throughout the season.

How To Get Season of Defiance Artifact (Ascendant Scepter)?Nimbus Destiny 2

“An Empowered Symbol of Awoken Royalty”

The Ascendant Scepter (Season of Defiance Artifact) can be obtained by speaking to Nimbus during the start of Season, which follows after the First Mission you play.

Once you speak to Nimbus, the Awaken, Queensguard quest will begin, which serves as a tutorial on how the Season of Defiance activities will play out.

After obtaining the Ascendant Scepter, it will automatically be equipped and will begin to level up as you progress through the game.

How To Level Up Ascendant Scepter?

The Ascendant Scepter (Season of Defiance Artifact) progresses similarly to how the player does with their Seasonal Rank and will gain a drip of XP just as you do.

The more XP you obtain, the faster the Ascendant Scepter will level up, which makes it important to be active if you want to boost its level quickly.

Equipping XP boosting mods and improving your Seasonal Rank to get more XP will also benefit the Ascendant Scepter as the XP it gets is based on what you receive.


The Ascendant Scepter is different from the past Seasonal Artifacts as they no longer require you to equip certain mods to benefit from them.

Instead, they can now be unlocked and will automatically be activated once you are wielding the weapon or meet the standards that they require.

Guardians can now enjoy better builds since they can now use their mod slots for ideal builds, making it more fun to play around with your armor and subclass.

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