Destiny 2 Awaken Queensguard Quest Steps

D2 Awaken, Queensguard seasonal quest

In the events of the attack on Earth and Neptune, Mara Sov has answered a cry for help and has come to Earth to protect it.

She tells you to continue doing your part on Neptune and to visit Earth when you can as there have been attacks and prisoners have been taken.

This quest acts as an introduction to the Defiant mission activities that have been introduced in the Lightfall Update.

How to Get the Awaken, Queensguard Quest?

The Awaken Queensguard quest is obtained automatically once you collect the Ascendant Scepter from Nimbus, a new Artifact for Season of Defiance.

Once the artifact has been obtained, you will receive this quest and may start it right away by heading to the Holoprojector near Nimbus.

Awaken, Queensguard Quest StepsAwaken, Queensguard quest info

Step 1: Visit the Holoprojector Near Nimbus in Neomuna and Receive a Message

An urgent message awaits you on Neptune and you can receive it by interacting with the holoprojector on Neptune near Nimbus.

It appears that the message is from Mara Sov, who has come to aid earth during this time of the attack as you are away.

  • Receive Holoprojector Briefing

Step 2: Speak with Mara Sov at the Farm in the EDZ

With Mara Sov on Earth, she awaits for you to come to visit her at the Farm (added in Lightfall) and wishes to speak with you.

  • Visit Mara Sov

Step 3: Visit the Holoprojector at the Farm for a Briefing from Devrim Kay

Devrim Kay is back on the scene and now has a message for you, which you can receive by visiting the Holoprojector.

It turns out that things may have gotten rough and Devrim Kay has seen the chaos but he is glad to have you around to help out.

  • Receive Devrim Kay’s Briefing

Step 4: Infiltrate the Pyramid Outpost in Defiant Battleground: EDZ

There is a Pyramid outpost located in the EDZ and you can get to it by starting the Defiant Battleground: EDZ mission.

This mission was added during Lightfall and will be pushing you against enemies who have captured some of the prisoners on earth.

Step 5: Visit the War Table in the H.E.L.M.

After you have successfully rescued Amanda Holliday and the rest of the prisoners, you will need to head over to the War Table at the H.E.L.M. to log your ongoing rescue efforts.

  • Receive War Table Debriefing

Awaken, Queensguard Quest Rewards

Awaken, Queensguard acts as an introduction to the Defiant missions, and rescuing Amanda Holliday was part of the first one on EDZ.

After completing Awaken, Queensguard, you will be rewarded with the Caretaker Legendary Sword after debriefing at the War Table.


It seems that amongst all the chaos, your enemies had a knack for taking in prisoners, which is probably to get an advantage sometime later.

To prevent this from happening and to cease the suffering of prisoners, it looks like it is up to you to hold rescue missions.

With all the new upgrades that have been happening at the H.E.L.M. and the assistance from your allies, rescuing the prisoners is now an easy task.

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