Is Amanda Holliday Dead in Destiny 2

Week 4 in Destiny 2 Season of Defiance was a real shocker for some of the players as we lost one of the characters who began to stand out.

Amanda Holliday has been pushing herself to her limits when it came to rescuing civilians who had been captured by the Shadow Legion.

But even before all of that, she was with us from the very beginning when we first landed our ship at the Lost City.

Amanda Holliday Destiny 2

Who is Amanda Holliday?

Amanda Holliday is a human pilot who used to manage the Tower’s Hanger and was introduced to players when they started out in Destiny 2.

She later became involved with the rescuing of the captives that were taken prisoner by the Shadow Legion after the events of Lightfall.

Her family died when she was young which pushed her forward to giving her all to helping others survive when no one had hope left.

Amanda Holliday Destiny 2

Amanda Holliday’s Death

During Season of Defiance, Amanda Holliday, Mithrax, and the Guardian had set out to rescue prisoners who were being held in a secret Shadow Legion base.

While everything seemed to be going smoothly, there was no way out unless someone would stay behind to open a gate for everyone.

Amanda knew what would happen and stayed behind to make sure that everyone was able to escape while the base self-destructed.

Amanda Holliday and Crow

Amanda Holliday and Crow had just started to become attached, with Crow already showing how concerned he was for her safety.

Crow was relieved to hear that Amanda Holliday would someday forgive him for who he was as Uldren Sov and held on to that as his motivation.

With Amanda Holliday now gone, Crow has been left with rage and a thirst for Vengeance, which has made his sister Mara Sov concerned.

Is Amanda Holliday Alive?

Sadly, Amanda Holliday is only human and does not have a Ghost to revive her as the Guardians do, which means she has likely perished.

Judging by the scene where the last words were said for her, Amanda Holliday has died and may no longer be around.

There are still hopes that Amanda Holliday may come back though, just as you did when you came back to life and maybe she might become a Guardian after all.


Amanda Holliday fought bravely to rescue civilians who may not even get the chance to thank her but she did so willingly without regret.

She knew the risks of jumping into danger even without the opportunity to be resurrected like the Guardians do, which makes her a hero.

The body that Zavala is kneeling in front of is most likely her recovered body and some believe that she may come back as a Guardian or finally rest in peace.

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