Destiny 2 First Contact Mission Walkthrough

D2 First Contact mission

  • Mission Type: Season of Defiance
  • Mission Location: Vual Gaudium, Low Neptune Orbit

A war has broken out as Emperor Calus and The Witness have begun to attack the Traveler near Neptune.

The Vanguard makes its last stand against its powerful enemies but things appear to get dicey for everyone.

Osiris has decided to take the enemy head-on but will need your help as he is out in orbit while you infiltrate a Cabal ship.

How To Get First Contact Mission?

First Contact is the first mission you will be playing when you first start the game upon playing Destiny 2 after the Lightfall Update.

Once you login and select a character to use, you will immediately be presented with a cutscene and continue from within the Cabal ship.

First Contact Mission ObjectivesFirst Contact mission objectives

1) Sabotage the Cabal Fleet

Upon entering the Cabal ship, you will need to make your way toward the waypoint that leads you through the inner parts of the Cabal ship.

Continue following the waypoint to get to the next area, which involves blasting your way through some vents.

Once you encounter Cabal enemies, you will need to fight through them and clear the area of all enemy units that enter the area.

2) Gain Access to the Restricted Area

You will notice that there will be doors with specific holographic images in front of them, which indicate a keycard.

There will be certain enemies that you have to defeat to get specific keycards that can be used to open up the locked doors.

Continue following each of the waypoints while defeating enemies to obtain the keycards to make your way through the ship.

Gain access to the bridge by defeating the boss Kavauust

3) Gain Access to the Bridge

As you continue making your way to The Bridge, you will be ambushed by a boss named Kavauust, Revenant of the Witness.

You will need to defeat Kavauust before you can proceed but it will be hard to damage unless you target its weak point.

Kavauust’s weak point is it is the glowing spot on the chest, which will allow you to deal precision damage when you fire at it.

Just before you defeat Kavauust, he will quickly escape by what appears to be teleporting out of the area.

Once Kavauust is gone, continue making your way to the door that was just unlocked and clear out the next room full of enemies.

Upon arriving at the bridge you need to destroy Computer Core

4) Destroy the Computer Core

After arriving at the bridge, you will need to find the power source on the Computer Core and destroy it to sabotage the Cabal.

This can be done by destroying 4 power sources that can be found in the area, which will cause the system to malfunction.

Once the core has been destroyed, follow the waypoint that leads you outside of the ship and cross over the asteroid platforms to cross to the ship that Osiris is on.

5) Gain Access to the Reactor Room

After crossing to the next ship, you will be on the Astaroth Rex II and will need to make your way to the reactor room in an attempt to destroy the engine.

Once you reach the lower part of the ship, you will need to clear out the enemies in the area before you until you find the Chalice Keycard.

Head back above and use the Chalice Keycard to open up a nearby locked door and you will be able to enter the Reactor Room.

Destroy the ship’s reactor after killing the Cabal enemies

6) Destroy the Ship’s Reactor

Once you are in the room, there will be Cabal enemies that will start attacking you and you will have to clear them out.

On each side of the room, there will be a radiator underneath and you will need to head over to each one to destroy them.

7) Find a Way Off the ship

After the engine has been destroyed, you will need to head over to the escape pods where Osiris will be waiting for you.

8) Gain Access to the Drop 

Blast your way through the vent as you head towards the waypoint and you will be in a room with Cabal enemies that you need to clear out.

One of the enemies will drop a Warbeast Key Card that you need to pick up and use to open a nearby locked door.

In the next room, you will need to defeat the enemies until you get a Conquest Keycard, which is now needed to open a door in the previous room.

Conquest keycard

Just before you can leave, Kavauust, Revenant of the Witness appears again and this time you will have to fight and defeat it.

Use the Conquest Key Card to open up the locked door and the escape pods will be in the next room, where Osiris leaves.

Once another escape pod arrives, you will need to interact with it to leave the ship, which takes you to the surface of Neptune.

9) Find and Rescue Osiris

You will find yourself in a city and Ghost will track Osiris’ location, which is where you will need to go but just as you make your way, you are contacted by strangers.

The strangers will be held up as they are in a battle and you will need to make your way to Osiris’ location on your own.

10) Secure the Area

Continue fighting your way through the Cabal enemies and make your way toward the waypoint until you reach Osiris’ location.

Investigating Energy Source

11) Investigate Energy Source

A strange anomaly will be present in the area and you will need to check it out by approaching and interacting with it.

This will empower you with Strand energy, altering your abilities for a certain duration during the mission, allowing you to test the new power.

12) Defeat the Shadow Legion

Enemies will start pouring into the area and you will have to clear them all out until none of them are left standing.

Once you have cleared out all of the enemies, you will be exhausted from absorbing the strange energy and a cinematic will begin, which later ends the mission.

First Contact Rewards

First Contact is the very first mission you start when continuing after the Lightfall update and allows you to test out the Strand subclass.

SummaryStrangers from Neptune arrive and helps to destroy the Cabal

After you become exhausted while fighting to reach Osiris, the strangers from Neptune arrive and help destroy the Cabal.

While Osiris insists on pushing an attack against the enemies, the strangers hint to follow them instead as they have no lives to spare.

It looks like the whole new civilization has something new to offer and that you have gained new allies in the fight against Emperor Calus and The Witness.

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