How To Get Verglas Curve & It’s Catalyst in Destiny 2

The Verglas Curve is an Exotic Combat Bow that was introduced in the Lightfall Update that features Stasis properties that become effective in different situations.

This bow is capable of freezing enemies in place and can take out both single and multiple enemies with its attacks.

Verglas Curve Destiny 2

“A volley of solutions to any disruption.”

Its ability to create Stasis crystals allows you to block enemies and deal massive amounts of damage in an area to quickly eliminate threats that stand in your way.

How To Get Verglas Curve?

The Verglas Curve is the seasonal exotic weapon for Season of Defiance and can be obtained once players have reached Rank 35 in the season.

Players who have purchased the season or the Lightfall Annual pass may obtain this Exotic Combat Bow at Rank 1.

When the season is over, the Verglas Curve will be available at the Monument to Lost Light, where players may purchase it.

Verglas Curve Perks

Since the Verglas Curve can be shaped and reshaped, you can later change its perks to those of your choosing.

1) Natural String (Bowstring)

The Verglas Curve has a simple balanced string.

  • Slightly increases accuracy
  • Slightly increases handling speed
  • Slightly increases stability

2) Straight Fletching (Arrow)

The Verglas Curve has been designed for modern fletching for straight paths.

  • Increases accuracy

3) Hail Storm (Trait)

Stasis arrows fired by the Verglas Curve can freeze targets upon impact and will create Stasis crystals when shot on surfaces.

Intrinsic Traits

Hail Barrage

Final blows with the Verglas Curve grant Stasis arrows that are automatically equipped, allowing you to fire all of them when shooting from the hip.

Verglas Curve Catalyst

Shiver Quiver

Freezing a target grants the Verglas Curve faster draw speed for a short duration, allowing you to fire arrows more quickly at enemies.

The duration of Shiver Quiver can be refreshed every time you freeze an enemy, allowing you to continuously fire arrows at a quick rate when facing multiple enemies.


The Verglas Curves is an exceptional Combat Bow to have since not only is it capable of disabling enemies, but it can also deal high amounts of damage.

Its ability to block enemies makes it easy to pile them up and destroy them using the Stasis crystals created.

Shooting enemies with seemingly endless arrows and causing multiple Stasis explosions can be a real thrill once you get your hands on this Exotic Combat bow.

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