Destiny 2 Defiant Battlegrounds (Unlock, Location & Rewards)

Destiny 2 Defiant Battlegrounds Playlist

Season of Defiance introduced a new type of activity called Defiant Battlegrounds, which puts players to the test as they rescue captives held by the Shadow Legion.

Players can enjoy this activity and earn good rewards for participating in them and later on purchase upgrades to progress better in them.

There are different Defiant Battlegrounds that can be played and each takes place in a location where the Shadow Legion is holding out.

How To Unlock Defiant Battlegrounds?

You can unlock a Defiant Battlegrounds mission in different ways based on what type you want to play, which is either the mission itself or from the playlist.

The Battlegrounds Playlist can be started by opening the H.E.L.M. destination to select it, which will give you a random mission from the playlist.

Choosing a specific Defiant Battlegrounds mission can be done by viewing a destination and selecting it from the map.

Available Defiant Battleground Missions

There are currently 3 available Defiant Battleground missions that you can partake in, each of them at a different location that was released during the earlier weeks of Season of Defiance.

Recommended Power level for default missions is 1600, while doing them from the Defiant Battlegrounds Playlist has a recommended Power level of 1770.

  • Defiant Battleground EDZ – Prisoners have been taken to a Shadow Legion Pyramid in the EDZ and need to be rescued before any harm is done to them.

You will need to enter the EDZ and fight your way through enemies to defeat Warden Vincu’us in order to release the prisoners.

A path near the Dry Sea will allow you to find Zatocc, Devoted to the Witness, who you must defeat in order to release the captives.

The Farm has a nearby access point that will take you to the Orbital Prison, where you must defeat Bracus Kravaum to release his prisoners.

How To Do Defiant Battlegrounds?

The Defiant Battlegrounds missions have several steps in common which are to enter the Ascendant Plane, make your way toward the pyramid, defeat the bosses, and rescue the prisoners.

Each of the missions is different based on which destination they are from and there are different enemies you may face as well as objectives.

In the end, you will have to defeat a specific boss before rescuing the prisoners, which results in the completion of the mission.

Defiant Battlegrounds Chests

Some of the rewards from Defiant Battlegrounds Chests may include Season of Defiance gear such as the following:

  • Caretaker (Sword)
  • Perpetualis – (Auto Rifle)
  • Prodigal Return – (Grenade Launcher)
  • Raconteur – (Bow)
  • Regnant – (Heavy Grenade Launcher)
  • Royal Executioner – (Fusion Rifle)

Defiant Battlegrounds Rewards

The rewards for Defiant Battlegrounds may vary based on if you are doing it from the playlist or the destination.

Doing a Defiant Battlegrounds mission from a destination will reward you with Glimmer and random Legendary Gear as well as a chance for a Defiant Key. 

A Defiant Battlegrounds mission from the playlist will give you Glimmer, Legendary gear, and possibly a Defiant Engram.

At the end of a Battlegrounds Defiance playlist mission, there will be an additional chest at the end that you can unlock with a Defiant Key.

How To Get Defiant Key?

Completing activities around the system have a chance to give you a Defiant Key and you can carry more than one at a time.

Doing Gambit, Crucible, Strikes and even Defiant Battlegrounds missions (not playlist) have a good chance of rewarding you with a Defiant Key.

Certain rewards from the War Table will allow you to obtain Defiant Keys based on what you do during the Season of Defiance.

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