Season of Defiance War Table Upgrade (Unlock, Order & Use)

Season of Defiance War Table Upgrade

War Table Upgrades came out during Season of Defiance and are a type of currency used to purchase upgrades from the War Table vendor.

Season of Defiance introduced a new activity known as Defiant Battlegrounds, which is the main activity that players can do during the season.

In an attempt to bring back the prisoners held by the Shadow Legion, Guardians must rely on their skills and upgrades they can purchase from the War Table.

How to Get War Table Upgrade?

You can get War Table Upgrades by completing Seasonal Challenges during Season of Defiance, which become available with more challenges every week.

Each week, certain Seasonal Challenges have War Table Upgrades as a claimable reward that you can get for completing the challenge.

The following are the Seasonal Challenges in Season of Defiance that reward you with War Table Upgrades:

Week 1 War Table Upgrades

  • Righteous Defiance
  • Legion’s Bounty
  • Awaken, Queensguard

Week 2 War Table Upgrades

  • Against the Shadows
  • Favored Liberator

Week 3 War Table Upgrades

  • The Longest Path
  • Defiantly Defeated
  • Bane of the Shadow Legion

War Table Upgrade UseDeepsight Decoding War Table upgrade

War Table Upgrades are used to purchase upgrades at the War Table, which is located in the H.E.L.M. at the far end.

These upgrades are tied to the Season of Defiance and will allow you to unlock certain aspects that will improve your experience during the season.

The following are the upgrades that you can purchase from the War Table:

1) Favor Attunement

Guardians can earn favor by performing certain actions during seasonal activities, and these are based on what Favor Attunements they have unlocked.

  • Exemplar of Justice – Ability final blows have a chance to create Favor that improves melee recharge.
  • Exemplar of Grace – Final blows with special ammo have a chance to improve mobility for some time.
  • Exemplar of Zeal – Final blows with heavy ammo weapons have a chance to provide improved grenade ability recharge.

2) Defiant Vestments

  • Defiant Armor Focusing – Allows you to focus Defiant Engrams into high-stat seasonal armor.
  • Defiant Weapon Focusing – Allows you to focus Defiant Engrams into seasonal weapons.
  • Deepsight Decoding – This causes the first weapon that you decode each week to have Deepsight Resonance.
  • Defiant Sojourner – Earning a Defiant Engram by completing non-Battleground activities will provide you with an extra one.

3) Queensguard Vows

  • Battleground Riches – Spending a Defiant Key at the end of a Season of Defiance Battleground increases the chance of earning additional Defiant Engrams.
  • Queensguard’s Arsenal – Focusing a Season of Defiance weapon or armor grants a small chance to get a Defiant Key.
  • Vestian Ward – Spending a Defiant Key at the end of a Season of Defiance Battleground where you have obtained Favors will award you with an additional Defiant Engram and War Table Reputation.
  • Legendary Deeds – Using a Defiant Key at the end of a Season of Defiance Battleground on Legend difficulty increases the amount of gear you can get.

War Table Upgrade Order

Purchasing upgrades from the War Table can affect how much you progress during the season as well as how soon you will get the rewards that you want.

Your first War Table Upgrade will have to be spent on one of the Favor Attunements and this should be chosen based on what you do often so you can generate Favors.

You will then want to go for Queensguard Vows since you can go for Focusing Later when you have a way to get a lot of Defiant Engrams.

After you have gotten Queensguard Vows and there are no other options, you can start going for the choices in Defiant Vestments to start focusing on seasonal gear.

This will make sure that by the time you begin farming Defiant Engrams, you will have enough to make the gear you want later.

How To Claim War Table Upgrade?Claiming War Table Upgrade

War Table Upgrades will not go straight to your inventory after you have completed the Seasonal Challenge that rewards them.

You will need to check your Seasonal Challenges and claim the rewards from there and will be able to view how many you have in the upgrades section of the War Table.

A notification will appear once you have one but these cannot be seen in your inventory and will only be visible when you look at the upgrades.

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