Destiny 2 Guardian Rank (1 to 11) Requirements

Destiny 2 Guardian Rank

Destiny 2 has a lot for you to do and one way of showing how much you progress in the game is with your Guardian Rank.

Not only does the Guardian Rank show how far you have gotten, but it is also a way to unlock new features for later on.

All Guardians start at Rank 1 Initiate and later progress to Rank 11 Paragon, which is done by completing various objectives.

How To Increase Guardian Rank?

Unlike your Seasonal Rank or Power Level, you don’t increase your Guardian rank by defeating enemies or improving your gear, it is more goal-oriented.

To increase your Guardian Rank, you need to complete Guardian Rank Objectives, which can be viewed through the Journey menu, and select the next rank you are about to reach.

All of the Guardian Rank Objectives can be seen for each rank that you are working on and you can tackle them one at a time to reach the next one.

List of All Guardian Rank RequirementsD2 Guardian Ranks Elite

Below are all the Guardian Ranks as well as all Guardian Rank Objectives that need to be completed to reach the next ones.

With higher Guardian Ranks, you will need to do more challenges, and starting from Guardian Rank 7, which is Elite, your objectives are tied to the current season.

Rank 1 New Light

This rank is the very first rank you will be as you start from the tutorial and do the earlier quests that get you oriented with the game.

Since, Initiate is the starting Guardian Rank, there are no Guardian Rank Objectives listed under it.

Rank 2 Explorer

Explorer is the second rank that can be reached once you have progressed and completed A Guardian Rises, which teaches you the basics of the game.

Ranking Up

Rank 3 Initiate

Once you reach Initiate, it’s time for you to begin exploring the solar system as you increase your strength to become a powerful Guardian.

Explore Neptune

Explore EDZ

  • Discover EDZ (Go to the European Dead Zone and speak with Devrim Kay at the Trostland Church)
  • EDZ Public Events (Complete public events in the EDZ)

Explore Nessus

Rank 4 Scout

Light Subclasses

  • Learning Light (Complete the Learning Light quest)
  • Purchase Aspects (Purchase Aspects from Ikora Rey)
  • Purchase Fragments (Purchase Fragments from Ikora Rey)
  • Light Subclasses (Complete a Light subclass quest from Ikora Rey)


  • Meet Banshee-44 (Talk to Banshee-44)
  • Glimmer (Collect Glimmer)
  • Legendary Shards (Collect Legendary Shards)
  • Enhancement Cores (Complete Gunsmith bounties to earn Enhancement Cores)
  • Arming Up (Purchase weapons from Banshee-44)

Gear Modification

  • Shaders (Apply shaders to your gear)
  • Upgrading Your Ghost (Equip an Economic or Tracking mod on your Ghost)

Rank 5 Adventurer

Exotic Quests


  • Acquire Vanguard Bounties (Acquire Vanguard bounties from Commander Zavala)
  • Vanguard Ops (Complete Vanguard Ops)
  • Complete Vanguard Bounties (Complete Vanguard bounties in Vanguard Ops)
  • Commendations (Commend other players at the end of a Vanguard Ops)
  • Meet Lord Shaxx (Talk to Lord Shaxx to learn about the Crucible)
  • Meet Drifter (Go and speak to the Drifter to learn about Gambit)


  • Collect Weapons (Obtain more Legendary weapons for your collection)
  • Collect Armor (Obtain more Legendary armor for your collection)

Rank 6 Veteran

Gear Progression

  • Modify Armor (Equip a head, arms, chest, and legs mod in each of their specific slots)
  • Armor Energy (Raise the energy of any piece of armor)
  • Masterwork Weapons (Increase the Masterwork level of any weapon)
  • Enhancement Materials (Obtain Enhancement Prism in any way)


  • Soft Cap (Increase your Power level to 1750)
  • Vendor Challenges (Complete 2 weekly vendor challenges)


  • Trials Introduction (Speak to Saint-14 to learn about the Trials of Osiris)

Ranks 7 to 11

Guardian Ranks 7 up to 11 are advanced ranks, which reset every season and have different Guardian Rank Objectives depending on the Season.

You will need to check each of the ranks for their specific Guardian Rank Objectives to find out what needs to be done to progress.

This can be done by viewing your Guardian Rank and selecting the current one that you are on, which will show you a list of all the challenges.


Your Guardian Rank isn’t just about boasting rights, it is also a good way to unlock features that become available every season.

At the beginning of the new season, if you have reached Guardian Rank 6 and above, it will only be brought back to rank 6, due to only the advanced ranks being reset.

Depending on what activities and updates arrive each season, you will need to complete new Guardian Rank Objectives to advance from 6 to 11.

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