Destiny 2 How to Get Enhancement Cores (2024)

Destiny 2 Enhancement Cores

One of the more valuable items in Destiny 2, Enhancements Cores is a vital legendary material due to its multiple uses.

This material can be used to upgrade your weapons until they reach Masterwork or they can be used as a form of currency when purchasing higher-tier materials.

Enhancement Cores are important for players who intend to purchase Upgrade Modules and Enhancement Prisms, focusing on end game gear.

Where to Get Enhancement Cores?

Your best bet when it comes to getting Enhancement Cores will take you to either the Tower or the Tangled Shore as Enhancement Cores can be rewarded.

Most of the time you will be dismantling gear from your inventory which will be one of the most common ways you will obtain Enhancement Cores.

How to Get Enhancement Cores?

There are several ways to get Enhancement Cores, this includes grinding for them as well be purchased.

1) Dismantling Gear

There is a possibility that an Enhancement Core may be obtained when you dismantle a Legendary or Exotic gear.

2) Enhancement Core Bounties

Bounties that are obtained from Banshee-44 (Tower) or Spider (Tangled Shore) can reward you with Enhancement Cores.

3) Nightfall: The Ordeal Strikes

You may receive Enhancement Cores after completing Nightfall: The Ordeal strikes, but this may be challenging for newer players.

4) Buy From Spider

You can purchase Enhancement Cores from Spider but the price increases with each one bought and is limited to only a few per day.

Enhancement Cores may be purchased starting at 30 Legendary Shards and will continue to double for each purchase you make.

This method is costly and is best avoided unless it is a complete emergency.

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Enhancement Cores Use

Enhancement Cores are mainly used for upgrading your gear, including weapons and pieces of armor, allowing you to further improve stats or elements.

You can improve the stats of your weapons with Enhancement Cores and work them to Masterwork on the 10th upgrade.

Increasing the energy slots of your armor will cost Enhancement Cores, higher levels will cost more of these to upgrade further.

You can change the Affinity (element) of your armor and when choosing the higher level (choose 1 energy or 6) you will need to add an Enhancement Core.

When used as a currency, Enhancement Cores may be used to buy Upgrade Modules and Enhancement Prisms from Banshee-44 at the Tower.

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