Destiny 2 How to Get Etheric Spiral (2024)

Destiny 2 Etheric Spiral

Etheric Spiral is a material in Destiny 2 that is mainly obtained on the Tangled Shore which is mainly labeled as redeemable.

You can use Etheric Spirals when it comes to infusing weapons and armor as well as purchasing items from vendors such as Spider.

There are several ways to obtain this resource when you are on the Tangled Shore, allowing you to farm a good amount of it when needed.

Where to Get Etheric Spiral?

Etheric Spiral is the Planetary Material on the Tangled Shore, and you can obtain several of these in different ways when you are there.

How to Get Etheric Spiral?

When on the Tangled Shore, there are many ways to obtain Etheric Spiral, which come in activities and collecting them.

You can find Etheric Spirals all over the place when exploring the Tangled Shore, and they are also easy to spot from afar due to their color.

One of the best ways to farm Etheric Spiral is to head over to Four-Horn Gulch and roam around the area as they are scattered all over the place.

You may also obtain Etheric Spirals as rewards from some of the bounties that are available from Spider on the Tangled Shore.

There are usually around 4 different bounties that you can take up to obtain Etheric Spirals as a reward.

Doing activities such as participating in public events or completing Lost Sectors and opening the boss cache will provide you with Etheric Spirals.

Random chests found around the Tangled Shore will also have a chance to provide you with Etheric Spirals when opened.

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Etheric Spiral Use

Etheric Spirals were not that valuable back then and were sometimes used when it came to infusions but now that things have changed their value is greater now.

You may now trade Etheric Spirals when certain materials become available and require it as a currency, such as when trading with Spider.

From time to time Vendors will have different items and different currencies required, making it good to have a lot of Etheric Spiral for when Spider wants them.

Some weapon and armor upgrades may require a certain amount of Etheric Spirals to be done.

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