Destiny 2 How to Get Weapon Telemetry (2024)

Destiny 2 Weapon Telemetry

If you have gotten your hands on some Gunsmith Materials, you’ll probably have an idea of how those uncommon redeemables are used.

Similar to Gunsmith Materials, Weapon Telemetries are also uncommon and fall under the same table.

This redeemable is used to gain reputation with Banshee-44 at the Tower, similar to using Gunsmith Materials. (or with Arcite 99-40 during Red War campaign)

Where to Get Weapon Telemetry?

Weapon Telemetry drops during your combat experiences and can be obtained almost anywhere but there is only a slight chance to get it.

No matter where you are, as long as you meet the conditions to allow Weapon Telemetry to drop, you will have a chance to obtain it.

How to Get Weapon Telemetry?

For Weapon Telemetry to drop, you will need to have an Analyzer-type Ghost Module, which can be added as a mod when you check your Ghost, similar to upgrading gear.

Depending on which Analyzer-type Mod you have selected, you will have to use the same type of element on the perk selected.

If your weapon matches the element on Ghost’s Mod, there will be a chance for enemies to drop Weapon Telemetry when defeated.

Another way to obtain Weapon Telemetry is to use a Pure Matterglass Lens, which gives a chance to cause enemies to drop it when defeated with Precision final blows.

The buff that makes Precision final blows give Weapon Telemetry drop chance will last for 4 hours and will end after the duration is up.

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Weapon Telemetry Use

Weapon Telemetry can be used to redeem points for your reputation with Banshee-44, other than this there is pretty much no other use.

You may be able to obtain more Gunsmith Materials than Weapon Telemetry at most times which makes this redeemable not as valuable to other players.

Still, every drop counts and you’ll never know when a few points can make a little difference with your Gunsmith Reputation.

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