Destiny 2 How to Get Herealways Piece (2024)

Destiny 2 Herealways Pieces

Beyond Light introduced a whole new story and to add more, the Sabotages from Variks the Loyal were also added.

To progress with the Sabotages though, you will need Herealways Pieces as these are used to obtain the quests.

The Sabotages are a set of quests that you complete which gradually give you a bunch of benefits once you complete them.

Where to Get Herealways Piece?

Herealways Piece is a rare material that is exclusive to Europa and will be obtainable as you play on the planet itself.

You will need to do activities such as public events, patrols, or complete Lost Sectors for a chance to obtain this material.

How to Get Herealways Piece?

There are several ways to obtain Herealways Pieces, these can be done by naturally playing through Europa and the Beyond Light story.

Activities such as public events and patrols are great but Lost Sectors appear to be more rewarding and you get a bunch from them.

You can even get Herealways Pieces from chests that you find around Europa but these don’t give you as much as Lost Sectors do.

One of the best ways to farm Herealways Pieces is to repeat the Perdition Lost Sector since the enemies are easy to defeat and there is a shortcut exit.

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Herealways Piece Use

The Sabotage quests that you can obtain from Variks the Loyal are short quests that require you to do a small number of tasks.

Each of the quests that you complete will benefit you more and more until you complete all of the quests.

You will need to use Herealways Pieces to acquire the different quests which will cost more as the tier increases.

The costs for the different tiers vary with 10 for Tier 1, 20 for Tier 2, and 30 for Tier 3, making it quite useful to farm beforehand or as you go along with them.

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