Destiny 2 How to Get Dark Fragments (2023)

Destiny 2 Dark Fragments

If you have been to the Dreaming City, you may have gotten your hands on a few Dark Fragments stocked in your inventory by now.

Dark Fragment is one of the legendary currencies which can be found in Destiny 2, mainly in the Dreaming City.

This resource is mainly used to purchase the means to participate in certain activities, which Petra Venj sells.

Where to Get Dark Fragments?

You can only get Dark Fragments in the Dreaming City, and this can be done in a few different ways to get them as rewards.

You’ll either be doing activities or looting chests and other objects to find these or you can head over to Petra Venj to check if she has anything to offer.

How to Get Dark Fragments?

There are bounties that you can accept from Petra Venj which will reward you with Dark Fragments, this depends on the bounty you pick.

You will be able to see the rewards for each of the bounties if you select or hover your mouse over them, which can help you pick the ones that give Dark Fragments.

Activities in the Dreaming City seldom reward you with different resources, Dark Fragments are sometimes rewarded for most of the things you do there.

If you manage to find chests in the Dreaming City, you may have a chance to get Dark Fragments when you open them.

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Dark Fragments Use

Dark Fragments are more of a special source of power needed by Petra Venj and the Techeuns, this has her offering you a few things in exchange for them.

You can use the Dark Fragments that you have to purchase different Charge of Light consumables, these range up to 4 different tiers and cost more the higher the tier.

A specific weekly bounty called Gateway Between Worlds is also among Petra Venj’s sales, which can reward you with the Offering to the Oracle and Baryon Bough items.

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