Destiny 2 How to Get Glacial Starwort

Destiny 2 Glacial Starwort

Glacial Starwort is a Planetary Material and redeemable item that can be found on Europa, making it one of the main materials obtainable there.

This item is commonly found in Europa and may be obtained through different methods when needed for farming for later usage.

Vendors may sometimes require this material as a currency for when you need to purchase certain items that change often.

Where to Get Glacial Starwort?

Glacial Starwort can be found exclusively on Europa, which means you will need to head over there and search for it or do certain activities to get it.

Similar to other Planetary Materials, you will have several options when it comes to Glacial Starwort farming on Europa.

How to Get Glacial Starwort?

You may not always notice them, but there are several Glacial Starwort scattered all around Europa and you can find them lying around often.

These appear as canisters with clear glass that have a plant inside them, you can pick them up by approaching them and interacting.

Doing activities such as public events or clearing Lost Sectors can reward you with Glacial Starwort in certain amounts.

Lost Sectors may reward you at the end with Glacial Starwort and you may even find some that you can collect within them.

You can find a lot of them out in the open and may even find random chests which may also reward Glacial Starwort.

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Glacial Starwort Use

Glacial Starwort is more of a currency which makes it useful for buying things from Vendors, making it quite useful to have a good stock for later.

You can purchase certain items from Banshee-44 or Spider, who will often trade valuable materials and items for different currencies.

Sometimes the rotation of currencies will change and items that the vendors have will require Glacial Starwort to be purchased.

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