Destiny 2 How to Get Dusklight Shards (2023)

Destiny 2 Dusklight Shards

Dusklight Shards are probably one of the few starting Planetary Materials that you may obtain since it is obtained in the EDZ.

These resources appear as strange minerals with glowing crystal parts at the base of them and a few floating pieces around them as if a powerful force was lifting them.

You can find plenty of these in the EDZ as well as turn them in for more reputation points with The EDZ faction.

Where to Get Dusklight Shards?

You will only be able to find Dusklight Shards in the EDZ, so you will have to head over to one of the areas and start searching around there.

Some can easily be spotted while others may take longer to notice but with the help of Ghost and some upgrades to help find resources, it should be easy.

How to Get Dusklight Shards?

Dusklight Shards are obtainable in the EDZ, which means doing public events, bounties and patrols will reward you with them.

Bounties that you obtain from Devrim Kay will provide you with 10 for each one you finish, which is an easy way to farm Dusklight Shards.

Dusklight Shards can be obtained at the end of Lost Sectors as well when you clear them, defeating the boss and opening their cache.

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Dusklight Shards Use

There are not many uses for Dusklight Shards aside from using them as a redeemable material, mainly for the EDZ faction.

The European Dead Zone faction reputation can be increased by heading over to Devrim Kay and giving the Dusklight Shards.

You can give 10 Dusklight Shards at a time, each giving a small number of points until your Reputation Rank increases.

Once you gain an increase in level with your Reputation Rank, you will be able to obtain an EDZ Engram that gives you a random EDZ piece of gear, weapon, or armor.

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