Destiny 2 How to Get Iron Banner Tokens

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Tokens

PVP is a great way for players to let off some steam and earn some pretty good rewards, especially when such rewards improve your character.

The Iron Banner Token is an uncommon redeemable which allows you to increase your reputation with Lord Saladin.

Doing this allows players to obtain Iron Engrams, which provide different legendary gear from the Iron Banner gear pool when opened.

Where to Get Iron Banner Tokens?

You can mainly obtain Iron Banner Tokens when participating in the Iron Banner playlist when the Iron Banner event is active.

Aside from this, you can obtain them through bounties which can be picked up from Lord Saladin at the Tower.

How to Get Iron Banner Tokens?

Iron Banner Tokens are rewarded when you participate in the Iron Banner event which is a monthly PVP event when it is active, which is available once a month during the first reset week.

The Iron Banner is an alternate Crucible playlist that rewards players with unique items and is mostly fixed in certain ways, requiring players to get used to it.

You may also obtain Iron Banner Tokens by accepting bounties from Lord Saladin, completing them can reward you with up to 50 Iron Banner Tokens and more.

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Iron Banner Tokens Use

Iron Banner Tokens are redeemable items that can be exchanged once you open up Lord Saladin’s interface, showing what he has to offer.

You can use the Iron Banner Tokens that you have collected through bounties or playing the Iron Banner playlists to increase your reputation with Lord Saladin.

As your reputation with Lord Saladin increases, you will gain reputation ranks which reward you with an Iron Engram every time the level goes up.

You can obtain several different items this way that are not available through farming or any other means of gear acquisition.

Turning in Iron Banner Tokens is available during the Iron Banner event and will increase your level for every 20 tokens that you exchange.

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