Destiny 2 How to Get Pure Matterglass Lens

Destiny 2 Pure Matterglass Lens

If you have gotten your hands on a few Weapon Telemetries by now, you will probably know what they are for by now.

In case you are wondering and have not touched these items, they are quite similar to Gunsmith Materials and can be brought back to Banshee-44.

With the Pure Matterglass Lens, you can gain a better chance to obtain Weapon Telemetries by being more accurate with your shots, specifically getting Precision Final blows.

Where to Get Pure Matterglass Lens?

Pure Matterglass Lens is similar to other consumables which are not farmed, making it obtainable through dismantling other gear.

You will mostly obtain this by chance and notice it later on in your inventory, some players are even confused about how they get so many.

How to Get Pure Matterglass Lens?

Not many players know where to get the Pure Matterglass Lens but the description itself is a dead giveaway, revealing it comes from dismantling.

To get Pure Matterglass Lens, you will need to dismantle gear, which may require several tries as this drops only by chance.

Dismantling more gear will give you multiple chances, but there is no guarantee when it will be acquired each time you dismantle items.

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Pure Matterglass Lens Use

When it comes to Weapon Telemetries, these items don’t just drop when you kill an enemy, certain conditions need to be met.

To farm them, you will need to equip Ghost with a specific Mod and use a weapon that meets the conditions of the Mod.

Pure Matterglass Lens, on the other hand, gives you a bonus chance to obtain Weapon Telemetries when you kill enemies with Precision Final Blows.

However, if you stick with following the conditions of Ghost’s Mod and use a Pure Matterglass Lens along with dealing Precision Kills, farming efficiency goes up.

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