Destiny 2 How to Get Raid Banners

Destiny 2 Raid Banners

Boosting the morale of your Fireteam can make a huge difference when carrying out missions and other activities in Destiny 2.

Sometimes there are locations that allow you to place consumables called Raid Banners, these will provide your Fireteam with additional Super Energy and Heavy Ammo.

Raid Banners may be obtained in different ways and can be used by anyone during activities as long as there are spots to place them.

Where to Get Raid Banners?

Raid Banners can be obtained in multiple ways and you will notice that your inventory will start to gain some as you play through the game.

Should you wish to obtain Raid Banners by purchasing them, you can head over to the Tower (Suraya Hawthorn) or The Dreaming City (Petra Venj).

How to Get Raid Banners?

You can obtain Raid Banners mainly by purchasing them from Suraya Hawthorne in the Tower or from Petra Venj in The Dreaming City.

Raid Banners will cost 5,000 Glimmer or 3 Legendary Shards (you can buy with either currency) for each piece.

When purchasing from Suraya Hawthorne, you have the option of buying Raid Banners one by one or in bulks of 10 for 50,000 Glimmer or 30 Legendary Shards.

As you continue to play Destiny 2, you may sometimes obtain Raid Banners through other methods such as rewards as you progress through missions or quests.

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Raid Banners Use

You can place Raid Banners wherever there are slots (shown as large circles which prompt you to place them) to allow your Fireteam to rally to them.

When you or a member of your Fireteam rally to a Raid Banner, you will gain Super Energy and Heavy Ammo reserves.

This is a great way to prepare during missions or activities, making it easier for you and your Fireteam to complete the activities you participate in.

Placing a Raid Banner will consume 1 piece every time you place one and you will not be able to place another if you have already placed one down.

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